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I still remember during my childhood, I, just like any other Asian kids in an Asian household, have to go through a home tutoring session, even on Sunday morning. I was unlucky because my session starts at the same time with the airing time of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I remember I took a long drinking break from my dinner table to my living room for the sake of having a glance of that week episode. I feel that one hour of Mandarin lesson was a torture. Why I should learn these weird, strange, shaped character while five badass teenagers are kicking monsters out of the city of Angel Grove. I dreaded that hour (which now I regret why I wasn’t paying attention more to it), and kinda drive my tutor crazy and gave up teaching me, I was gladly accepting my precious time in savouring every episode of Power Ranger. Then comes the times where my favourite superhero got their first big screen appearance. The trip to the movie is already a fun activity and now I get to watch the badass power ranger out of my TV at home. It was a lot of fun!

Fast forward to 2017, the reboot of the movie is out, they cast a new member as the power ranger, give them superpower, and have them fight evil in the form of Rita Repulsa. As an homage to my childhood, I go and watch the movie. I was going to the movie with a low expectation because I have seen snippets about the zord and the armour on social media. To be honest, I hate it. Yes, they give out a new modern touch in it, but I feel it was too much. When I heard Power Ranger, I expecting to see five teenagers (with an attitude) in a bit tacky costume, not some armour from a cyborg or sci-fi movie. Same goes with the zords, it’s a bit too cool.

Storyline wise, it was not that bad. I was expecting to have a classic power ranger moment, rangers fight monsters, loses, got a new power, fight again, win. But, nope, they give out a bit of backstory for each ranger, which is cool! I do not love it very much, but it is a cool take on the story and it shows the differences and issues from the current community. Sick parents, LGBT, Autism, Sportsman gone wrong, and girls hierarchy. It is suited to a mature audience, whose the same person that went to watch the first movie back in 1995.

As I said I go with low expectations, to be frank, this movie maybe the first reboot movie that I watch both versions. I do not expect to go out from the movie with the same awe I had back then, but I must say this movie bring back the memories of the good old days. Because no matter how old are you right now, I am sure the moment you see the zords coming out with a back sound of ‘go go power ranger’ it will put a smile on your face. I recommend this movie for you, but do not expect for a highly rated cinematic movie like transformers or such. For me, this movie is pure for the nostalgic purpose.

Well, I think it is the time to say this.

It’s Morphin Time!


Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them


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I can’t say that I am the biggest fan of Harry Potter movies, I prefer the novels. Yet, when this spin-off playing at cinemas I decided to watch it. Why? Well, it is a supplementary story towards the main story. Also the fact that it took places in New York during the 50’s bought me out. I am a weakling for New York, past or present.

I am a weakling for New York, past or present.

The main storyline is Newt Scamander went to New York to do some things and he met some obstacles which led him into cleaning his mess. Got some help from the sisters from the American Ministry, one is an ex-auror and the other is a legilimens -witch that able to read minds- that love to cook. During Newt journey in America, he accidentally bumps into a muggle, no-maj as the American says, named Jacob Kowalsky, which dragged to help Newt afterward.

What I loved about this movie is the addition of the no-maj, Mr. Kowalski. He went to the bank to apply for some loan for his bakery, which led him into meeting Newt and have their suitcase switched. This thing led to Jacob Kowalski being exposed to the magic world, which was a big taboo for American magic society. Things don’t get easy when he fell in love with one of the sisters since both of them such a food aficionado.

The scene when Mr. Kowalski’s memory has to be erased is just breaking my heart, not only he was made to forget all the amazing things he just encountered, he has to lose his memory about the lovely witch he fell for. It such a bitter truth that remind us that sometimes the things that so nice and magical is only meant for others.

Overall, this movie is entertaining also to watch all the magical beast being brought to life with the help of a modern magic technique called CGI. I recommend this movie for a light entertaining movie.

Here Comes The Boom!



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I just rewatching Here Comes The Boom a comedy movie by Kevin James. Launched at 2012, this movie told a story about a teacher that goes around being a punching bag in an MMA cage to help his friend and saving the music program that threatens to be stopped because there’s not enough funding. It is a cliche story.

What I love about this movie is the character of Kevin James, a passionate teacher that lost his fire due to the degradation of the school system. There until the problem arise and he wanted to help as well as impress the school nurse. I said it already, it is a cliche. But the scene where he found out that the music teacher he helps actually really care about the students to the point of bought used instruments and repair it to be lending it to the student, and he decided to go back to his old self and teach passionately, it is cool to watch!

The perseverance and the willingness to give it all to his student is really a gem for somewhat a low-key movie. It got me thinking when was the last time I gave my all to sacrifice for others, how many opportunities I have wasted just because I refuse to get out of my comfort zone. This movie has relighted a fire in me.

Well, I decided to rewatch this movie because I wanted to watch some light comedy with MMA-ish ambiance since I am starting a 6 weeks workout program to lose this weight and hopefully getting this broken back into the old glory. I tried to watch my food intake as well as putting more workout during my day.

I just hope that I can achieve what I set in the beginning and keep this fire lit for a long time. It will be a pleasure if my fire can help you guys re-lit your old goals or even lit a new one!

Now, I have a KM plus to swim.

Kingsman: The Secret Service


Today, as usual this impulsive boy decide to watch a movie after lunch. The choices were Kingsman or Whiplash, since Kingsman played earlier, I decided to watch this and this is my two cents about it.

I love this movie!

The idea of a secret secret services will always blow my mind. What makes more fun is it is not the type of a totally rugged and tough, it has class and sophistication that kinda missing from the new era of Bond’s movie.

Another thing that I like about this movie is it shows the process of a spy in the making, not only a well shaped spy doing a job. But also shows a lot of mentoring moment and the growing process of a simple boy into one fine gentleman. The storyline is quite fun, I enjoy it. As well as the cinematography. I also loved how they combine the technology and conventional skills while doing their job.

All in all I don’t think I have much problem with this movie unless for this.

The Swaggy Valentine. How he talks and how he dressed is really annoying. But kudos to Samuel L Jackson for the great acting. It is not like everyday you see Nick Fury in Kanye attire, no?

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a great movie to watch, the fighting scene is fun to watch with a great act from Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson, this movie give us a variety for an espionage movie.

Stand By Me – Doraemon!

The long awaited movie finally released! Actually it is released on December 10th here in Indonesia, but due to the school holiday and the super hype of the movie the line for the ticket is outrageous! So, when your friend offer to bought the ticket, you accept it. There I was, sitting on the cinema and watch the awaited movie of doraemon.

Maybe because of the hype, the enthusiasm was going overboard for pretty much everybody. I was watch it with another 15 friends and most of them not really loving the story of the movie. They thought the story is about that version that circulating online, when Nobita finally grow old and fix Doraemon on his own.Too bad, it is not. The story is taken from the published comic book, from various volume I think, I vaguely remember all the chapter.

Me personally, I don’t put much expectation other than to see my favourite cartoon in the big screen. I heard it before that the story line is from the comic books chapter. So, I was practically expect nothing from this. But, while watching the movie there are some moments when I started teary. Not that the movie is sad, well, it is sad, but not that sad. What touches me is the friendship between Doraemon and Nobita, how they care so much with each other. When Nobita faced with the fact that Doraemon has to go back to the future, and have t face all the problem by himself again. It is touching, to see the comic book moments translated into an animated picture in a big screen.

I would recommend this to those who want to have a reminiscing moment with their favourite character during childhood. I think the crowd they want to grab are the people who grow up with Doraemon. Those who read the comic books and watch the cartoon on television as they grow up. They took the emotional part of me growing up as a child that enjoys Doraemon on both comics and cartoon, and translate it into a nice heart warming movie.

Big Hero 6

At first, I don’t have any intention watching this movie. I know this movie from this blog. After that, well life goes on, until a friend of mine tagged me in Big Hero 6 song on path. That is where I figure I might watch this movie. Then, today comes, after I resigned (again) I decided to go and collect some stamps on starbucks for their yearly planner. After a cup, I went on wandering around the mall, and make a quick stop on the cinema. It was 3.35 PM, and the movie start in 3.30. Well, it is only 5 minutes late, they also might still running the advertisement anyway. So, there I go, buying ticket impulsively and watch the Big Hero 6.

I love this movie. Disney really hit me with this movie. I usually watch Pixars’ because of the heart warming feeling. But, this movie did the same thing to me. The story is pretty much the same, nice guy beating the bad guy, but the twist is pretty fun in this movie. I also love the city of San Fransokyo. If there is anywhere I rather be than New York, it might be San Fransokyo. The graphic is amazing, I find the character is a bit anime-ish. But I think it because of they try to mix some Japanese feel in the movie.

I really recommend this movie for everyone that want to bring their child, nephew, cousins, to a movie. This is light, heart-warming, and a great movie to watch! All I want to do after is hugging BayMax. I might watch it again in IMAX tho.

I gave 9 out of 10 for this.


Chef (2014)

I just finished watch the movie Chef, the movie have quite a great cast, Other than Actor/writer Jon Favreau, this movie has Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara, even Russell Peters and Robert Downey Jr. as a cameo. A couple friends said that this movie is not that great, but I am intrigued with the title ‘CHEF’. As you all know, I am a sucker for a cooking related film.

Ignoring what my friends said, I decided to keep watch this movie, and oh my, I love this movie. This show the kind of life that chef dealing with. If in No Reservations, Catherine Zeta Jones faced with family issue, then in this movie Jon Favreau is faced with the business side itself. I don’t want to say much about the plot, but I love this movie for so many aspects that I am weak for. A chef life, a loyal friends, a supporting surrounding, a great food, a nice comedy, social media usage in business, and father son bonding moment.

This might be not the best comedy, as some jokes are pretty predictable, but I still love this movie because of all the other aspect in it.

Those Bygone Years – 那些年

I just finished watching this movie called ‘You Are the Apple of My Eye’ it is actually an old movie. My friend recommend this movie back when I was recently arrived at Taiwan. She said this movie can help me practising my chinese, since it used a daily language, the story line not that bad either. The story itself quite a cliche if I may say, story about a group of high school friends, growing up together, living their silly young days. Pretty much your average teenage movie, but I am a sucker for that friendship themed movie. So I have to say this movie is one that I recommend to watch. I love the story about the high school life, the friendship, the laugh, and a little bit of drama. I am not a big fan of a relationship drama. So, this movie has just the perfect amount of it, which I can still tolerate. I am not a big asian movie fans, especially these days kind of movie, I prefer the old Hong Kong police movie instead. But, this movie is something I enjoy. If you were looking for something light and fun to watch I fully recommend you to watch this movie, also if you were trying to improve your chinese, this movie will help you as well. I watch this movie on youtube, but I think you can find this movie on iTunes. Well, it is your choice. Meanwhile, here I present you the soundtrack of the movie. 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 (Those Bygone Years) – 胡夏


Just like what I post on my other blog, today I stumbled into the moon song, a soundtrack of the movie ‘HER’, by listening to the song, I was interested in watching the movie, and watch the movie I did.


I find the movie both sweet and sad at the same time. In one side, it is sweet that show us that love know no boundaries, we can fall in love with anything, including to an operating system. Not love as in an enjoyable operating system, but love as in love. The one that most of us constantly searching for. On the other hand, it kinda sad, that man can be that hurt which make him fall in love into a abstract being. It is like, the dude was so anti social in the state that, he even turned down a girl he enjoyed the companion.

I find this is the right movie for today generation. Showing that we stuck in a relationship within ourself. With our daily gadget, that should be used for connecting with each other. Yet, we stuck in the relationship with the gadget itself.

All in all, I love this movie. This is a good movie to watch, and make us realise that we have to go out be social, and love does know no boundaries.


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