Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them


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I can’t say that I am the biggest fan of Harry Potter movies, I prefer the novels. Yet, when this spin-off playing at cinemas I decided to watch it. Why? Well, it is a supplementary story towards the main story. Also the fact that it took places in New York during the 50’s bought me out. I am a weakling for New York, past or present.

I am a weakling for New York, past or present.

The main storyline is Newt Scamander went to New York to do some things and he met some obstacles which led him into cleaning his mess. Got some help from the sisters from the American Ministry, one is an ex-auror and the other is a legilimens -witch that able to read minds- that love to cook. During Newt journey in America, he accidentally bumps into a muggle, no-maj as the American says, named Jacob Kowalsky, which dragged to help Newt afterward.

What I loved about this movie is the addition of the no-maj, Mr. Kowalski. He went to the bank to apply for some loan for his bakery, which led him into meeting Newt and have their suitcase switched. This thing led to Jacob Kowalski being exposed to the magic world, which was a big taboo for American magic society. Things don’t get easy when he fell in love with one of the sisters since both of them such a food aficionado.

The scene when Mr. Kowalski’s memory has to be erased is just breaking my heart, not only he was made to forget all the amazing things he just encountered, he has to lose his memory about the lovely witch he fell for. It such a bitter truth that remind us that sometimes the things that so nice and magical is only meant for others.

Overall, this movie is entertaining also to watch all the magical beast being brought to life with the help of a modern magic technique called CGI. I recommend this movie for a light entertaining movie.


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