Big Hero 6

At first, I don’t have any intention watching this movie. I know this movie from this blog. After that, well life goes on, until a friend of mine tagged me in Big Hero 6 song on path. That is where I figure I might watch this movie. Then, today comes, after I resigned (again) I decided to go and collect some stamps on starbucks for their yearly planner. After a cup, I went on wandering around the mall, and make a quick stop on the cinema. It was 3.35 PM, and the movie start in 3.30. Well, it is only 5 minutes late, they also might still running the advertisement anyway. So, there I go, buying ticket impulsively and watch the Big Hero 6.

I love this movie. Disney really hit me with this movie. I usually watch Pixars’ because of the heart warming feeling. But, this movie did the same thing to me. The story is pretty much the same, nice guy beating the bad guy, but the twist is pretty fun in this movie. I also love the city of San Fransokyo. If there is anywhere I rather be than New York, it might be San Fransokyo. The graphic is amazing, I find the character is a bit anime-ish. But I think it because of they try to mix some Japanese feel in the movie.

I really recommend this movie for everyone that want to bring their child, nephew, cousins, to a movie. This is light, heart-warming, and a great movie to watch! All I want to do after is hugging BayMax. I might watch it again in IMAX tho.

I gave 9 out of 10 for this.



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