Stand By Me – Doraemon!

The long awaited movie finally released! Actually it is released on December 10th here in Indonesia, but due to the school holiday and the super hype of the movie the line for the ticket is outrageous! So, when your friend offer to bought the ticket, you accept it. There I was, sitting on the cinema and watch the awaited movie of doraemon.

Maybe because of the hype, the enthusiasm was going overboard for pretty much everybody. I was watch it with another 15 friends and most of them not really loving the story of the movie. They thought the story is about that version that circulating online, when Nobita finally grow old and fix Doraemon on his own.Too bad, it is not. The story is taken from the published comic book, from various volume I think, I vaguely remember all the chapter.

Me personally, I don’t put much expectation other than to see my favourite cartoon in the big screen. I heard it before that the story line is from the comic books chapter. So, I was practically expect nothing from this. But, while watching the movie there are some moments when I started teary. Not that the movie is sad, well, it is sad, but not that sad. What touches me is the friendship between Doraemon and Nobita, how they care so much with each other. When Nobita faced with the fact that Doraemon has to go back to the future, and have t face all the problem by himself again. It is touching, to see the comic book moments translated into an animated picture in a big screen.

I would recommend this to those who want to have a reminiscing moment with their favourite character during childhood. I think the crowd they want to grab are the people who grow up with Doraemon. Those who read the comic books and watch the cartoon on television as they grow up. They took the emotional part of me growing up as a child that enjoys Doraemon on both comics and cartoon, and translate it into a nice heart warming movie.


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