The Good Ol’ Days

Right now I am in the middle of The Romance of Three Kingdoms, Book Two, a Chinese classics. Which should not be a surprise for my friends, since they know what I am into. I always have the affection towards old school stuff, be it movies, books, fashion style, especially music.

I love old school music.

What I listen in the car is varied from my Spotify playlist, but mostly is a daily mix consisting of old Mandopop hits or a playlist from 80’s band or sometimes musical scores. I don’t know why, but classic hits always hit my soft spot. I am not sure if it is the arrangement that’s easy to follow, though sometimes the lyrics can be corny as hell, or simply it gives out such a comfortable nostalgic feelings. My analysis is heavy towards the latter since I am not the one with the musical talent.

My analysis is heavy towards the latter since I am not the one with the musical talent. That’s why I believe I have some sort of nostalgic attachment towards it. The weird thing is, I wasn’t born when the hits were written and put on the chart. That thing aside, I believe that old memories do affect our decisions in the present days and a big reason why nostalgia marketing is very effective nowadays. Just like the remake of Power Rangers or live action version of Beauty and The Beast. They took the old fond memories of the customer to push the sales, which I thought a smart move. Instead of throwing things that completely new, we take an old stuff that hits and tweak it a bit and put the technology that was not possible back then.

I am not saying that this is the best way, innovation is always a good thing. It pushes people to learn more and more. But, sometimes we do need to chill a bit and reminiscing the good ol’ days, don’t we?

Meanwhile, enjoy this amazing music from 1987 Mannequin Movie, “Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship.

The Power Rangers I love



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I still remember during my childhood, I, just like any other Asian kids in an Asian household, have to go through a home tutoring session, even on Sunday morning. I was unlucky because my session starts at the same time with the airing time of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I remember I took a long drinking break from my dinner table to my living room for the sake of having a glance of that week episode. I feel that one hour of Mandarin lesson was a torture. Why I should learn these weird, strange, shaped character while five badass teenagers are kicking monsters out of the city of Angel Grove. I dreaded that hour (which now I regret why I wasn’t paying attention more to it), and kinda drive my tutor crazy and gave up teaching me, I was gladly accepting my precious time in savouring every episode of Power Ranger. Then comes the times where my favourite superhero got their first big screen appearance. The trip to the movie is already a fun activity and now I get to watch the badass power ranger out of my TV at home. It was a lot of fun!

Fast forward to 2017, the reboot of the movie is out, they cast a new member as the power ranger, give them superpower, and have them fight evil in the form of Rita Repulsa. As an homage to my childhood, I go and watch the movie. I was going to the movie with a low expectation because I have seen snippets about the zord and the armour on social media. To be honest, I hate it. Yes, they give out a new modern touch in it, but I feel it was too much. When I heard Power Ranger, I expecting to see five teenagers (with an attitude) in a bit tacky costume, not some armour from a cyborg or sci-fi movie. Same goes with the zords, it’s a bit too cool.

Storyline wise, it was not that bad. I was expecting to have a classic power ranger moment, rangers fight monsters, loses, got a new power, fight again, win. But, nope, they give out a bit of backstory for each ranger, which is cool! I do not love it very much, but it is a cool take on the story and it shows the differences and issues from the current community. Sick parents, LGBT, Autism, Sportsman gone wrong, and girls hierarchy. It is suited to a mature audience, whose the same person that went to watch the first movie back in 1995.

As I said I go with low expectations, to be frank, this movie maybe the first reboot movie that I watch both versions. I do not expect to go out from the movie with the same awe I had back then, but I must say this movie bring back the memories of the good old days. Because no matter how old are you right now, I am sure the moment you see the zords coming out with a back sound of ‘go go power ranger’ it will put a smile on your face. I recommend this movie for you, but do not expect for a highly rated cinematic movie like transformers or such. For me, this movie is pure for the nostalgic purpose.

Well, I think it is the time to say this.

It’s Morphin Time!

thoughtless useless

When things that supposed to be motivating starting to have the opposite effects.

When things that supposed to be inspiring seems out of reach.

When you thought of the support system that actually demoralising.

When you feel like a mess in the middle of the night.

When you wanted to do nothing but get out of the life you were in.

Take a deep breath and order some Bakmi GM or Martabak Keju.
You probably hungry.

I Miss Sitting in a Meeting

A good one.

I am sure you all know what I mean. I am not talking about a meeting where you just sit around a table and listening to some nonsense. I am talking about a nice brainstorming session, the one that actually providing results, or at least steps towards that. In a meeting we could get some inspirations and ideas and collaborations for some cool things, some fun events, etc.

Some prefer to called it brainstorming, well it works. It sends out a more cool vibe than the word ‘meeting’. While brainstorming sounds like a more fun activity with throwing a lot of ideas out of the box and that kind of stuff, meeting tend to drive our mind to that long boring moment when we play candy crush or scrolling over social media while pretending to be present at the room or table.

I had this random thought just when I was about to sleep, well most of my random thoughts comes up at that time, and I felt like I haven’t been bloging for such a long time, so why don’t I share this random thought with the interwebs.

Back then, I was used to sit on a long meeting, discussing about details of the event. It was a headache back then, I must admit, lots of arguments, problems, dramas, name it all. But it was all worth it when you can argue and actually getting results. Your idea might not be always the best and picked all the time, but the feeling of being listened and taken into considerations gives us a feel of respect. Which encourage us to throw some ideas in the future.

To make it simple, it was tiring but worth it. All the times, energy, hard work that been spent on the event paid off when the event is done and we all can share the memories and lessons for future events.

What I missed the most actually the camraderie. We all spare our times to do the meetings, comes up with idea, crafting the equipments, making phone calls, try to pull all strings we had. We just get motivated to not be the one that pulling the team down.

I am not sure, wether the work ethic has changed, or maybe it just a bunch of people with different work pace with me. One thing for sure, I am not feeling the sense of camraderie anymore. It might be just a different path that we grown into and that is the reality that must be accepted.

Good meeting sessions also helps to keep the mind sharps. We are being pushed to use our minds to think about a lot of stuff, from decision making, solutions for problems, or maybe some light jokes to lighten the mood.


I really miss a good brainstorming session.

Let’s not be a grinch!

Happy New Year!

I know it was a long month ago that the new year passed, but last week we just passed another one, so I figure it’s still valid!

I have been ignoring this blog for way too long, to be honest, I was kinda lost the feeling for blogging because I don’t think that I have something worth sharing for. Last year wasn’t a very bright year for me. Leaving Singapore because of this back injury, it feels like I abandoning something I adore for so long. But, it was all in the past and let it be in the past, take a thing to be a lesson and not dwell so much on it.

As a lesson from it, I started to get more aware on my health. Other than swimming for the back, I add some weight training to build some muscle. Well, mostly I work out so I can justify what I am eating. Although, by working out I figure I was more reliable on the diet. Just because I don’t want all the hard work goes to waste.

With that being said, it sometimes bugs me when people exaggerating their diet. Yes I know it was a pain in the ass to burn all that calories away and you don’t want it to just easily go away. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be such a drama queen when you wanted to eat something. If you want to eat it just friggin eat it! work your ass later in the gym to burn that extra calorie! If you committed to the diet then do it and do not be such a wuss when people ate in front of you and putting such a miserable face, you just make the appetite gone along with the joyful of eating. Do not take away the grinch job!

On the other side, let’s move into a more positive side. Being exposed to a lot of information available, especially with the internet nowadays, it is confusing for a newbie like me. Currently, I am trying to workout like a powerlifter/bodybuilder kinda workout and I got a lot of help from, they provide a lot of information and free workout template. While for a little motivation I like to watch Matt Vincent’s video on youtube as well as SuperTraining. They both provide a valuable information and occasionally motivational content.

Let’s hope (and work) for a better year ahead of us!


Last season of NBA was an end of an era, three of the biggest player that ever play for the generation that I watched is hanging their shoes.

Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and Tim Duncan.

Those three have such a great career playing in the league, Kobe in the Lakers, KG start up the Wolves, and Duncan receiving the baton for the Spurs from David Robinson. Everybody knows Kobe, whether they love him or hate him. KG always been flashy and always bring the life of the party. But the one that I truly admire is ‘the fundamental’ that keep Spurs steady on the top of the pack, Tim Duncan.

He shows that you do not have to be flashy to stand up, he provides a steady fundamental for San Antonio Spurs. Standing in strong with David Robinson as the twin tower, transitioning into the big three eras with Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, and helping the team to mold Kawhi Leonard to receive the baton. Five championships ring should be enough to prove the quality of Spurs #21, if you add his individual honor it will only get better.

He sets a different standard for a player. You do not need to act like a big star to be one. You can live humble and lead with actions to boost up your team, to make your team mate play better, to win championships, to become a leader that can be trusted.

My words will not do justice for what Tim Duncan did in the league. I suggest you to watch all the speeches from his team mate and of course Coach Pops on the San Antonio Spurs Twitter account. There is also one movie by his brother about Tim Duncan, with one scene in the ending that caught my attention. a quote from Tim Duncan,

Good, better, best.
Never let it Rest.
Until your good is better,
and your better is best.

– Tim Duncan

From the Spurs’s twitter account, I also have one favorite picture of him walking out the court while hugging coach Pops that match one quote from Tim to Pops.


Thank you for being more than a coach. For being like a father to me. Thank You

I am sad this has to happen, but this will be the mark of a new era of the game.


Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them


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I can’t say that I am the biggest fan of Harry Potter movies, I prefer the novels. Yet, when this spin-off playing at cinemas I decided to watch it. Why? Well, it is a supplementary story towards the main story. Also the fact that it took places in New York during the 50’s bought me out. I am a weakling for New York, past or present.

I am a weakling for New York, past or present.

The main storyline is Newt Scamander went to New York to do some things and he met some obstacles which led him into cleaning his mess. Got some help from the sisters from the American Ministry, one is an ex-auror and the other is a legilimens -witch that able to read minds- that love to cook. During Newt journey in America, he accidentally bumps into a muggle, no-maj as the American says, named Jacob Kowalsky, which dragged to help Newt afterward.

What I loved about this movie is the addition of the no-maj, Mr. Kowalski. He went to the bank to apply for some loan for his bakery, which led him into meeting Newt and have their suitcase switched. This thing led to Jacob Kowalski being exposed to the magic world, which was a big taboo for American magic society. Things don’t get easy when he fell in love with one of the sisters since both of them such a food aficionado.

The scene when Mr. Kowalski’s memory has to be erased is just breaking my heart, not only he was made to forget all the amazing things he just encountered, he has to lose his memory about the lovely witch he fell for. It such a bitter truth that remind us that sometimes the things that so nice and magical is only meant for others.

Overall, this movie is entertaining also to watch all the magical beast being brought to life with the help of a modern magic technique called CGI. I recommend this movie for a light entertaining movie.

Here Comes The Boom!



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I just rewatching Here Comes The Boom a comedy movie by Kevin James. Launched at 2012, this movie told a story about a teacher that goes around being a punching bag in an MMA cage to help his friend and saving the music program that threatens to be stopped because there’s not enough funding. It is a cliche story.

What I love about this movie is the character of Kevin James, a passionate teacher that lost his fire due to the degradation of the school system. There until the problem arise and he wanted to help as well as impress the school nurse. I said it already, it is a cliche. But the scene where he found out that the music teacher he helps actually really care about the students to the point of bought used instruments and repair it to be lending it to the student, and he decided to go back to his old self and teach passionately, it is cool to watch!

The perseverance and the willingness to give it all to his student is really a gem for somewhat a low-key movie. It got me thinking when was the last time I gave my all to sacrifice for others, how many opportunities I have wasted just because I refuse to get out of my comfort zone. This movie has relighted a fire in me.

Well, I decided to rewatch this movie because I wanted to watch some light comedy with MMA-ish ambiance since I am starting a 6 weeks workout program to lose this weight and hopefully getting this broken back into the old glory. I tried to watch my food intake as well as putting more workout during my day.

I just hope that I can achieve what I set in the beginning and keep this fire lit for a long time. It will be a pleasure if my fire can help you guys re-lit your old goals or even lit a new one!

Now, I have a KM plus to swim.

Jackie Winning an Oscar!

After a long career stunt, Jackie Chan is finally got the oscar. As a kid that grow with his movies, I can’t feel anything other than joy when I see him got what he deserved. I remember how excited I was when my parents bring me to the cinema to watch his movie. I can clearly remember a scene where he put on a penguin costume and beating up all those bad guys as well as when he sang a duet together with Chris Tucker in Rush Hour.

Listening to his acceptance speech is as entertaining as watching his movie. You can feel both humbleness and warmth from him no matter how influential he was. Just like a nice cheese and wine, he went gracefully with age.

Just like a nice cheese and wine, he went gracefully with age.

Have a look at his acceptance speech and all the kind words all the colleagues have for him.

Yes, you are truly Chantastic!

Belitong Island – Not Just a Rainbow Troops Island

(or Ahok)


I have the opportunity to visit the island of Belitong in the beginning of the month. As a small island near the island of Bangka, which was my grandparents from my mother side’s hometown, the location is made famous by the movie Rainbow Troops or Laskar Pelangi in the local language. While now it’s also known as the hometown of Ahok or Mr. Basuki Tjahaya Purnama, the Jakarta Governors. During my stay there, I was accompanied by a local guide, natives of the island. That way, we got to explore the local delicacies, not that Belitung is swarmed with one, but at least we can get around the more touristy spot and go straight to where the locals went.

img_8285Being a small island, Belitung also has a few smaller island surrounding it. Well, it’s basically like that all around Indonesia, it’s like an island-ception. But oh boy, the beaches was fantastical. Even in the ‘dirtier’ area of the beaches it still has the magical white sand and clear water. I am almost tempted to do a Baywatch scene by emerging from the sea water and walks slowly towards the beach. Since Belitung is known as a tin producing island, there were also some old mines that transformed into a travel destination. The underwater ecosystem of Belitung is also one of a kind. They have magnificent corals and fishes. Too bad I am not a diver myself, so I can’t really tell you how it is.


What I can tell you is the food over there is amazing.

Let me repeat, one more time.


From a merely grilled fish into a succulent roast pork, to a relish martabak. they have it all. For the record, I am not a seafood eater, but they have the freshest produce anyone can offer. I can testify to that since I got bad itches when I ate a bad seafood. I am itch free over there. They have a fish exclusive to the island called ‘Ilak’ this fish has a flaky texture and not a strong fishy smell. It’s perfect for grilling with a simple Soy Sauce or special spices by the restaurant. Another delicacy for a seafood lover is the crabs, especially the rajungan. Again, I can only say what my brothers said, it was the best rajungan he ever had, it’s so full of meat and sweet, and you can believe him since he is such a diva for food. Another recommendation called gangan. a sort of fish head soup cooked with pineapple so it gives that fresh vibrant that goes well with the island feeling. img_8348

img_8307For those that not a seafood person, is the noodles. I spent 4 days 3 nights, and I had like five noodle meals. The noodle they served here consisting one bowl of noodle with minced pork and beansprouts, and another bowl of fishball and ‘cakien’-some sort of fishcake. The funny thing here, all the noodle seller is open for business in different time, it’s like they saying to have noodle all day long with variety because every store has their own unique taste. If you not eating pork, you can ask for no meat. Or you can just go to the famous Bakmi Atep for their prawn broth noodle. img_8451

img_8456As millennials as I can be, I have the need to get coffee. The famous coffee shop in the island is Kong Djie Coffee, it is an old school coffee shop, a kopitiam, to be exact. it establishes during the 40’s, with their original store still standing strong and a bunch of franchise store opening up all around the island with a younger vibe. This original store is the perfect place to have your morning fix since the original store served some snacks such as fried banana and assorted fritters, as well as traditional cakes provided by other small business. Just perfect, a grass root business model, small business being helped by another small but more established business. img_8447


Another highlight is their martabak, a bit similar to Bangka style martabak, they attract you with the smell of butter melting on the surface of hot martabak. That greasy glossy treasure is calling you like an ant towards sugar. During my stay there, I haven’t found one bad martabak, even the worst is still acceptable.img_8333 When Bangka and Belitung share a similar martabak, their roast pork is completely different. What I can tell you is the food over there, is amazing If Bangka style is heavier on the spices, Belitong have a more gentle taste with a crispier skin. Me personally prefer the Bangka style, but I also won’t say no for Belitong style. To quote a friend of mine, ‘Pork is never a mistake!’

img_8343Belitung is not only an island about Rainbow Troops, this is a nice place to chill and have a nice beach moment. Not to mention that it is so affordable, sure the infrastructure is not as good as Bali or Lombok, but there are a lot of hidden gems that can still be found if you willing to explore the island. If you wanted to go for a chill vacation, I suggest you consider Belitung for your destinations.img_8312img_8314img_8321img_8339img_8342img_8353img_8358img_8361img_8381img_8386img_8387img_8418img_8439img_8432img_8466