Let’s not be a grinch!

Happy New Year!

I know it was a long month ago that the new year passed, but last week we just passed another one, so I figure it’s still valid!

I have been ignoring this blog for way too long, to be honest, I was kinda lost the feeling for blogging because I don’t think that I have something worth sharing for. Last year wasn’t a very bright year for me. Leaving Singapore because of this back injury, it feels like I abandoning something I adore for so long. But, it was all in the past and let it be in the past, take a thing to be a lesson and not dwell so much on it.

As a lesson from it, I started to get more aware on my health. Other than swimming for the back, I add some weight training to build some muscle. Well, mostly I work out so I can justify what I am eating. Although, by working out I figure I was more reliable on the diet. Just because I don’t want all the hard work goes to waste.

With that being said, it sometimes bugs me when people exaggerating their diet. Yes I know it was a pain in the ass to burn all that calories away and you don’t want it to just easily go away. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be such a drama queen when you wanted to eat something. If you want to eat it just friggin eat it! work your ass later in the gym to burn that extra calorie! If you committed to the diet then do it and do not be such a wuss when people ate in front of you and putting such a miserable face, you just make the appetite gone along with the joyful of eating. Do not take away the grinch job!

On the other side, let’s move into a more positive side. Being exposed to a lot of information available, especially with the internet nowadays, it is confusing for a newbie like me. Currently, I am trying to workout like a powerlifter/bodybuilder kinda workout and I got a lot of help from bodyduilding.com, they provide a lot of information and free workout template. While for a little motivation I like to watch Matt Vincent’s video on youtube as well as SuperTraining. They both provide a valuable information and occasionally motivational content.

Let’s hope (and work) for a better year ahead of us!



Last season of NBA was an end of an era, three of the biggest player that ever play for the generation that I watched is hanging their shoes.

Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and Tim Duncan.

Those three have such a great career playing in the league, Kobe in the Lakers, KG start up the Wolves, and Duncan receiving the baton for the Spurs from David Robinson. Everybody knows Kobe, whether they love him or hate him. KG always been flashy and always bring the life of the party. But the one that I truly admire is ‘the fundamental’ that keep Spurs steady on the top of the pack, Tim Duncan.

He shows that you do not have to be flashy to stand up, he provides a steady fundamental for San Antonio Spurs. Standing in strong with David Robinson as the twin tower, transitioning into the big three eras with Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, and helping the team to mold Kawhi Leonard to receive the baton. Five championships ring should be enough to prove the quality of Spurs #21, if you add his individual honor it will only get better.

He sets a different standard for a player. You do not need to act like a big star to be one. You can live humble and lead with actions to boost up your team, to make your team mate play better, to win championships, to become a leader that can be trusted.

My words will not do justice for what Tim Duncan did in the league. I suggest you to watch all the speeches from his team mate and of course Coach Pops on the San Antonio Spurs Twitter account. There is also one movie by his brother about Tim Duncan, with one scene in the ending that caught my attention. a quote from Tim Duncan,

Good, better, best.
Never let it Rest.
Until your good is better,
and your better is best.

– Tim Duncan

From the Spurs’s twitter account, I also have one favorite picture of him walking out the court while hugging coach Pops that match one quote from Tim to Pops.


Thank you for being more than a coach. For being like a father to me. Thank You

I am sad this has to happen, but this will be the mark of a new era of the game.


Here Comes The Boom!



pic from here


I just rewatching Here Comes The Boom a comedy movie by Kevin James. Launched at 2012, this movie told a story about a teacher that goes around being a punching bag in an MMA cage to help his friend and saving the music program that threatens to be stopped because there’s not enough funding. It is a cliche story.

What I love about this movie is the character of Kevin James, a passionate teacher that lost his fire due to the degradation of the school system. There until the problem arise and he wanted to help as well as impress the school nurse. I said it already, it is a cliche. But the scene where he found out that the music teacher he helps actually really care about the students to the point of bought used instruments and repair it to be lending it to the student, and he decided to go back to his old self and teach passionately, it is cool to watch!

The perseverance and the willingness to give it all to his student is really a gem for somewhat a low-key movie. It got me thinking when was the last time I gave my all to sacrifice for others, how many opportunities I have wasted just because I refuse to get out of my comfort zone. This movie has relighted a fire in me.

Well, I decided to rewatch this movie because I wanted to watch some light comedy with MMA-ish ambiance since I am starting a 6 weeks workout program to lose this weight and hopefully getting this broken back into the old glory. I tried to watch my food intake as well as putting more workout during my day.

I just hope that I can achieve what I set in the beginning and keep this fire lit for a long time. It will be a pleasure if my fire can help you guys re-lit your old goals or even lit a new one!

Now, I have a KM plus to swim.

LeBron Are Back in Cleveland

So, the king has made the decision to come back home. To be honest, I was a fan before his Miami day. He just so strong and fast, and he is a big guy. But, the move to Miami sort of making him a villain, if I read it right on some article. That is kinda true, although he has such a great play, people would said, it’s should be happening, he has Wade and Bosh for God sake. Yet, he somehow moved Wade from the go-to guy in Miami to a sidekick position. I can’t figure how Wade felt back then, to be put aside from the team he led to a championship with O’Neal. 

I am not a hater of the heat, I just not rooting for them. I acknowledge the highlight they putting for the past 4 years with the big three. Which actually also a same case with Boston. Whom put together three superstar in order to win a championship, but I don’t know why, I am rooting for them to win, maybe because I was growing up watching Kevin Garnett, which makes me root for him to get a ring.

Back to the case of LeBron, I am not that shocked with the news, I thought he will come back to his roots, I just don’t think it is gonna be this early. i thought he will back playing in Cleveland for his last 2 or 3 seasons in the league. Just when his ride is getting slow, and figure out a place to put it all together for good. The rosters of the new Miami Heat must be interesting next season, with the King back to his home, and ageing Wade, who will be the go-to guy in Miami? Is it Bosh, Beasley? I don’t think so. But, I think Erik Spoelstra will have less ego to work with. I mean, come on three big personality in one team? How long do you think it can last together? Unless they have a saint or someone with big heart, I don’t think it will last long. They got what they aimed in the first place anyway. The Championship ring, two of them. 

It might be sad to see how the dynasty couldn’t last long enough, but I think it will be interesting to see LeBron try to rebuild his old Dynasty with the help of Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins, both the number one draft. Wait, all of them were the number one draft. If the media were right, I think Cleveland will get one more piece to help the King mentoring his young comrade, in my opinion a nice big man would be good. What about Pau Gasol, I think he can be a good mentor for the young Cavs, with two rings and years of experiences, I think he would be a great bishop for the King.