Just like what I post on my other blog, today I stumbled into the moon song, a soundtrack of the movie ‘HER’, by listening to the song, I was interested in watching the movie, and watch the movie I did.


I find the movie both sweet and sad at the same time. In one side, it is sweet that show us that love know no boundaries, we can fall in love with anything, including to an operating system. Not love as in an enjoyable operating system, but love as in love. The one that most of us constantly searching for. On the other hand, it kinda sad, that man can be that hurt which make him fall in love into a abstract being. It is like, the dude was so anti social in the state that, he even turned down a girl he enjoyed the companion.

I find this is the right movie for today generation. Showing that we stuck in a relationship within ourself. With our daily gadget, that should be used for connecting with each other. Yet, we stuck in the relationship with the gadget itself.

All in all, I love this movie. This is a good movie to watch, and make us realise that we have to go out be social, and love does know no boundaries.


* all image are taken from Google Image.


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