The Good Ol’ Days

Right now I am in the middle of The Romance of Three Kingdoms, Book Two, a Chinese classics. Which should not be a surprise for my friends, since they know what I am into. I always have the affection towards old school stuff, be it movies, books, fashion style, especially music.

I love old school music.

What I listen in the car is varied from my Spotify playlist, but mostly is a daily mix consisting of old Mandopop hits or a playlist from 80’s band or sometimes musical scores. I don’t know why, but classic hits always hit my soft spot. I am not sure if it is the arrangement that’s easy to follow, though sometimes the lyrics can be corny as hell, or simply it gives out such a comfortable nostalgic feelings. My analysis is heavy towards the latter since I am not the one with the musical talent.

My analysis is heavy towards the latter since I am not the one with the musical talent. That’s why I believe I have some sort of nostalgic attachment towards it. The weird thing is, I wasn’t born when the hits were written and put on the chart. That thing aside, I believe that old memories do affect our decisions in the present days and a big reason why nostalgia marketing is very effective nowadays. Just like the remake of Power Rangers or live action version of Beauty and The Beast. They took the old fond memories of the customer to push the sales, which I thought a smart move. Instead of throwing things that completely new, we take an old stuff that hits and tweak it a bit and put the technology that was not possible back then.

I am not saying that this is the best way, innovation is always a good thing. It pushes people to learn more and more. But, sometimes we do need to chill a bit and reminiscing the good ol’ days, don’t we?

Meanwhile, enjoy this amazing music from 1987 Mannequin Movie, “Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship.


Random Wishing

Suddenly remember the Chinese New Year song from MY Astro, called  開心過年 ‘Kai Xin Guo Nian’ which translated to ‘a Happy New Year’

one line of the song is ‘祝福你天天是好天’ ‘Zhu Fu Ni, Tian Tian Shi Hao Tian’ which translated to ‘wishing you to have a great day everyday’

Well, there is no right or wrong time to cheer up and giving good wishes to people, not to mention, the music video also fun to watch.

I Lived

Yes, I know this song from the ending scene in Glee. I am guilty for that, but, if nowadays people comes to you and asked you whether you are happy or not, how do you will answer them?

Can you answer them, that you lived?

Well, that is the question for now.

I am still looking for what makes me feel alive tho.

Don’t Dream It’s Over – Miley Cyrus feat. Ariana Grande

I am a fan of Miley Cyrus, from the era of Hannah Montana up to now. One thing I love from her is hers Backyard Session on her YouTube account. She did a cover for a classic “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House, and it is nice. To be frank, this is my first time really listening Ariana Grande voice. Quite nice, eh.

Wrecking Ball!

Miley has been a sensation!

Start from the VMA video to the Wrecking Ball Video!

I used to watch a couple episode of Hannah Montana, when she was still that cute little disney princess. Then, she launch that Party in The USA, and she kinda lost after that, up until her new album and the We Can’t Stop album.

Speaking of her music, I like her music now. although her image is kinda intriguing right now.

I am not gonna talk about her music, I am no expert of music, other than a listener.


I am interested in the changing of the image she did. I mean, she already well known for her act as Hannah Montana, first, I think her name is Hannah. During that period she is kinda like the princess (I think) in her Hannah empire. When she grew up I think she wanna change her image to something more adult-y in the Party in the USA. But I think people still remember her as the Hannah that grew up. After that I think she’s trying to make her image more mature in the we can’t be tamed, yet I don’t think it successful. So after a handful of attempt, she finally try to change her image completely in her new album. i don’t know if she hire a publicist or not, but I think they are really successful in changing her image completely. Starting from the We can’t stop video, performance on the VMA, and her Wrecking Ball video.

Well, this is my own opinion, but I do think that she is change her image successfully. I think the wrecking ball is picturing her, breaking all the image that she’s build during her disney period, into something that completely different. Maybe she is bored with her nice girl image, or simply she want all the attention again after all this time, like she used to get in her disney moment. We also don’t know if she gonna keep this image or will change again in the future. After all in the entertainment world changing one image is not a rare occasion doesn’t it, and even some of the stars have they ‘Alay’ moment in their career.

Well, all I want to say is I think the wrecking ball is kinda like Miley way to change her image completely, and one of her growing stage. I love her music better now actually.


*Blele’an kayak Miley


The Reason to Learn Other Language

Aside from all the communications, business thing, I found another reason to actually start learning another language.

As we know, every country have their folk lore, some famous one get translated, but many are not. Sometimes the translated one is not have the emotion of the real one. It might be good, but the real one is surely better. Although it is better to understand it just like the original right.

Actually I have one song in particular that I knew for a long time, but I have no idea what it is means. Until now, after I study Chinese, I started to understand it a bit. Not perfect, but I have a better understanding than before. Some of you might know this song, it is called, Jiu Gan Tang Mai Wu (酒矸倘賣無), translated as “Is There a Beer Bottle for Sale?”.

I used to laughing when I heard this song somewhere, because what’s in my mind was “hey, this old song from my parents generations.” same as a lot of my friends, then we started laugh. i still used to do that up until yesterday, when i accidentally saw an old movie on youtube that told the story of the song.

A quick spoiler, the story about a mute person that collecting beer bottle for a living, until she found a baby girl on the street that change his life. When the girl grown up, she became a famous singer but still innocent and easily manipulated by the manager. Up until one point, when she just land back from a concert abroad, she’s planned to see her father, but the manager make her not. Then, when she’s in her concert, her father got a heart attack, she rushed into the hospital, but it is too late. Her father has passed. Then, as a tribute to her father, she sang the song.

The lyrics also very touchy, telling a story when her still a baby girl, until now she became a famous singer.

So, I think It by learning other language, we can see a lot more story from another language.

By the way, this is the video. Enjoy!