Tonight The Street are Ours!

I’ve been following a Singaporean Photographer called Aik Beng Chia for a while, he took photos of Singapore like nobody else. While people took all the mighty atas – atas picture of Singapore, he shows us Singapore from another point of view. He often takes pictures on the back alleys of Singapore, which give us another approach of Singapore. I have also been following his live session in Instagram where he shares the backstory about his projects and how he approach photography.

The song I used in this post is the song by Richard Hawley that he used on his project with the same title. If you have the time, I do reccomend you to look over his website, he took picture from everyday Singaporeans to an old school Teo Chew Opera Crew.

*atas – atas is a term in Singapore that used for explaining upscale lifestyle.

Culinary Student Journal, Week 16

I am starting to feel like I had enough of Singapore. I find this city very tiring, I am normally a city kind of person, but maybe it’s true what people said too much of everything is not good for you, and I think I have a tad too much of a city. Sometimes, I want to go over to sit on a beach or a mountain and chill.

Anyway, the time is kinda going so slow, yet so fast. I feel like the days goes by slowly, but before I know, I just finished the 16th week of the program. Which means, I already living about four months in Singapore, it kinda explain why I get tired in here. For a couple weeks, I’ve been dreading to go back home, with all the fatigue and how my body been aching, I just wanted to go back home, eat a lot of Bakso Afung, Ayam Penyet, and be miserable.

Like I said, I don’t know since when I started to turn into such a negative minded person. I hope this is only a phase that will gone by. The way I console myself is,by thinking how this part of my life can be such a dramatic chapter when I wrote my biography in the future. Yes, I can be that lame, sometimes. LOL. Also, when I heard stories from my classmates at their workplace, I figured that my place actually not that bad. If you complain about people that annoyed you, well, you find that anywhere, anyway. 

I try to read some books to sooth my mind also to find inspiration and reminder why I starting this course.

Anyway, if you guys know what things to do with a low/no budget in Singapore and pretty chillaxing, do let me know!

See you!

Culinary Student Journal, week 5

Hey guys, this week has been fun. After two full weeks of laze around and waking up late, this week I back with the same routine in waking up early and working my ass off in the kitchen. Since before the holiday we have a major clean up for the kitchen, I was hoping to get a brand new clean kitchen in the first morning. But it was a false hope. During the first day, which I got to be the sous chef, that has to come early to report and help the chef instructor, I came early to find out that the chopping board is still soaked in bleach, I assume since the beginning of the holiday. So, we ended up cleaning the whole kitchen two times that day.

What a way to start school, eh.

Beside that, I don’t think this is a hard week, maybe since we already got a better knowledge and know what to expect, even there’s still a couple ‘sotong’ moment. But, I think it’s normal, since we just joining for a month. What I can hope is we get better from here onwards! During this week I think, the real us is starting to showing up. I get to see, who I can work together with.

Next week will be fun, we will learn about sauces and we will have our assessment, practical and written.

Wish us the best luck!

Sotong moment: the moment when you get confused and not sure what to do.

Love Has No Labels – Ad Council

I just found this campaign on youtube. I love this kind of campaign when we put aside all the differences and just unite as one. This prove that love is universal and can be shared with anyone, your parents, significant others, friends, family, everybody!

There are two lines I loved from this video,

“We all have different religions, but we all have universal love as well.”

“We are neighbors and best friends!”

Here, watch the video yourself and go spread out the love.

By Ad Council – Love Has No Labels.

What era you loved the most?

Hey people, what is up? it is midnight and raining right now. So what is better than to fix a bowl of Indomie Kuah write something out of our imaginations?

I have post this question on my path before and I will post it again here. If you were able to have a luxury to pick when you were born, what time will you choose? Me personally, I would love to be born in the 80’s or maybe late 70’s. I know it is not a really long time from now. But, maybe that is the reason why I choose the time period. Being born at 1990, I have a little bit of the 80’s era and a glimps of 90’s during my time growing up. But technically I was living in the millennium era, that was when I started to understand things a little more.

Not that I am not grateful about my teenage time listening to westlife, watching Meteor Garden for fun, and occasionally watching the WWF *that wrestling show. I have my share of going to Puncak and ate at Rindu Alam way before the period of 3 minutes photo – printing offering from the local abang – abang. I have a fun time growing up, share a great amount of time playing outside and abusing the family TV with the high technology of Sony Playstation. I have a blast growing up, I think I still stuck in that time.


Me nowadays, together with the internet, kinda trying to re-live what I called the good old days. Streaming old songs from youtube, both the original version or the hipster cover. Mostly I prefer the original one, tho. I love to watch an old school Chinese film, not as old as the drunken master, bruce lee and stuff, but more the 90’s HK movie, preferably the one using Cantonese. I always love to see the fast pace of Hong Kong, I think. That makes me want to grow in the 80’s or 90’s so I can embrace this old soul of mine.

So, to make it more specific I would love to experiencing growing up in the 80’s and 90’s era of Hong Kong!

What is yours?

and, the award for best patience goes to

If there were an award for person with the best patience, I think every front liner should get at least one when they able to serve for at least a year.

I just recently visited a newly open Auntie Anne’s at Mall Kelapa Gading, and just like an old saying, where the new store open, there goes the line. Well, the line is not as bad as bread talk or chatime when they recently open their stores *even until now I still refuse to get in line for a milk tea, I better go somewhere else*. When I was in line, in front of me is this old aunty, approximately in her late 50 with her friends. While in line and there are still people in front of her, she already walk in front of the display and start asking, when the cashier still helping the current customer. The other staff was busy preparing the dough and stuff, so the cashier has to take order from the current customer and answering to this aunty. Things kept going when she saw the sampler tray, she picked it up, and try one piece * yes,  I know it is what a sampler prepared for* the magic things are, after she took a bite of it, she saw the cheese dip, and dunk the bitten pretzel tester to the sauce.

Mind you, it was not the other end. It is the end when she bit the pretzel that she dipped to it.

After a nice amount of testing the sample, it was only 6 or 7 pcs left on the tray, and after her done with her tasting, it’s only 2 pcs left in the tray. Well played aunty, well played. She then order 2 cheese pretzel and still ask for taste another pretzel. Well, of course, there is no way she will let the cashier work in peace, she kept asking about the price, why it shows IDR 12,000 on the board but she has to pay IDR 19.000 for her, well, the price that she saw is for a plain pretzel and she ordered the premium one. I applaud the cashier for being such a darling for her, and prove why I am not the best cashier. I think I will be able to handle a nagging customer, but the quota might be valid for only 5 customers top.

It bring back memories when I was in Taiwan, and work part time as a customer service for a company that sells product for Indonesians in Taiwan, so they can have the product delivered to their home in Indonesia. It was such a great experiences I am not saying I am the best officer there, but I had some good things to say. I also happen to maintain a social media page for several brands in the past, so I can understand a bit how Indonesian customer act and ask. Sometimes you just want to smack them in the head and ask them to just get a decent education. But, one can only wish for things like that. What you have to do is answer them politely and use the smiling voice all the time. It is easier for me, because I am not faced with them in person, but through a media, whether on a phone or online. It is not a rare occasion when I replied to a comment nicely and curse them in the same time. Sometimes you need to have that kind of release in your job.

Based on my experience, I dare to say that, a front liner should be get more compensation and respect, than what they get today. I am not saying that all front liners are great all the time, there are some stupid customer service officer that should be scolded. But for the best one, it is no doubt they more likely excel because they got the experiences in handling various people with a funky personality.

They Call Him ‘Pak Budi’

Actually, I shared this video already, a long time ago. Since my old blog is no longer exist, I decide to once again share the video with you.

This video is about a CNN tribute to heroes 2009, before Ibu Robin Lim got the CNN Heroes in 2011, there are already one Indonesian that being the candidate for the CNN Heroes. He is Budi Soehardi, a pilot from Indonesia along with his wife Peggy, founded an orphanage in West Timor. It started when there were a conflict there, which led to a lot of victim. Mr. Budi Soehardi was actually only coordinating volunteer to give out a donation, but he eventually met with the youngest victim, the orphans. *as Kate Upton said in the video* After that, he decided to help those kids that has been an orphan, and started to build a orphanage.

I don’t know why, but I always touched easily with something fatherly figure, which make me felt super happy when I see the kids are smiling when they are with their Pak Budi and Ms. Peggy, or as they called Mama. You can see their website here.

This video is a bit old, but I am sure, kindness know no time. It can be shared anytime, anywhere. So I guess I just shared it again here.

Enjoy the speech and the video, about the loving and caring Pak Budi.



… is not a subject I mastered, nor capable of. In fact, it was one of my lowest grade in High School.

But, what I want to write here is not the chemistry in the classroom, the one with all the mixture and stuff. Not the ‘Science Chemistry’ but more to the ‘Social Chemistry’. I avoid the science one because I find it is really hard to know what mixture can be mixed togeteher and create a good result, and now I realize, that the social chemistry is even more complicated. There is no exact formula to create something, because the material of it is a human being, that even though have a concrete build, still has abstract thought that hard to guess.

I find this even harder because, in science if one material is not work well with other material we can just try it with another. In social chemistry, if someone is not working well with the others, yeah of course we can just go away and find other people. The problem is in social the material is a human being, which mean unless he/she is a cold blooded person, then they will have feelings.

In the science one, we can discover the failure by doing some damage. After the damage, we learnt that some materials are not mean to be together. While in the social, yes we also discover failure and stuff, and we also learnt after it. The problem is in the social one we tend  to be more careful in the future, because the damage they caused might be more psychological, and it is not an easy job to fix that.

Of course there are not always a big damage on a try, because we are human being we have some sort of ‘social intuition’ that can send us some signals if something doesn’t get along well. What we have to learn is to catch the signal and realize that sometimes it doesn’t meant to be together. You will find something or someone that just doesn’t have the same ‘click’ as you, and we have to live with it.

It is not your or their mistake.

Just realize that it is not a crime if you are not have a same ‘click’ with others.

Love Me or Hate Me

It was the word.

Some people made it their mantra, the mantra for them to keep creating, producing, making, without hesitation about what people say, or think. They don’t give others the opportunity to break them. They, whom held to this word will just gonna take it and make it their supply of power to create another one, and shut the hell out of them.

Some people made it their shield, the shied from all the critic from people. The shield for them to dodging all the critic that come, and kept their self to their current level with no improvement whatsoever. They who think like this, will never take any critic that given to him, and gonna run from the trouble.

For me, it doesn’t matter which one you pick, I just want to thank you for noticing what I’m doing.