Last season of NBA was an end of an era, three of the biggest player that ever play for the generation that I watched is hanging their shoes.

Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and Tim Duncan.

Those three have such a great career playing in the league, Kobe in the Lakers, KG start up the Wolves, and Duncan receiving the baton for the Spurs from David Robinson. Everybody knows Kobe, whether they love him or hate him. KG always been flashy and always bring the life of the party. But the one that I truly admire is ‘the fundamental’ that keep Spurs steady on the top of the pack, Tim Duncan.

He shows that you do not have to be flashy to stand up, he provides a steady fundamental for San Antonio Spurs. Standing in strong with David Robinson as the twin tower, transitioning into the big three eras with Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, and helping the team to mold Kawhi Leonard to receive the baton. Five championships ring should be enough to prove the quality of Spurs #21, if you add his individual honor it will only get better.

He sets a different standard for a player. You do not need to act like a big star to be one. You can live humble and lead with actions to boost up your team, to make your team mate play better, to win championships, to become a leader that can be trusted.

My words will not do justice for what Tim Duncan did in the league. I suggest you to watch all the speeches from his team mate and of course Coach Pops on the San Antonio Spurs Twitter account. There is also one movie by his brother about Tim Duncan, with one scene in the ending that caught my attention. a quote from Tim Duncan,

Good, better, best.
Never let it Rest.
Until your good is better,
and your better is best.

– Tim Duncan

From the Spurs’s twitter account, I also have one favorite picture of him walking out the court while hugging coach Pops that match one quote from Tim to Pops.


Thank you for being more than a coach. For being like a father to me. Thank You

I am sad this has to happen, but this will be the mark of a new era of the game.



Jackie Winning an Oscar!

After a long career stunt, Jackie Chan is finally got the oscar. As a kid that grow with his movies, I can’t feel anything other than joy when I see him got what he deserved. I remember how excited I was when my parents bring me to the cinema to watch his movie. I can clearly remember a scene where he put on a penguin costume and beating up all those bad guys as well as when he sang a duet together with Chris Tucker in Rush Hour.

Listening to his acceptance speech is as entertaining as watching his movie. You can feel both humbleness and warmth from him no matter how influential he was. Just like a nice cheese and wine, he went gracefully with age.

Just like a nice cheese and wine, he went gracefully with age.

Have a look at his acceptance speech and all the kind words all the colleagues have for him.

Yes, you are truly Chantastic!

Chef’s Table


Watching a chef work in a kitchen is like watching a dancer on stage. The good one can move so gracefully and amaze us with their slightest movements. That’s why I always love to watch those cooking show with good chefs in it. The magic of that is carried on when I went to At-Sunrice, where I get to see some of the instructors move so swiftly during demo and my sad attempt to duplicate it during hands on.

Nowadays, there is a lot of restaurant offering a concept where customer can see what happens in the kitchen, how the cooks prepare the order that keep coming from that ticket machine, which at times is a nightmare. It’s fun inside this kitchen, of course the demand is higher for the kitchen staff because customer can see and we need to be extra careful and more hygienic compared to our closed kitchen cousins. But, you won’t get shouted in an open kitchen because it’s just bad for the business. To be seen screaming to a cook, I don’t know if it get the customer appetite going. It doesn’t mean that we don’t get smacked tho, it just come in a nicer package of less shouting. 😛

I know a concept that can give people more satisfaction, instead of just watching the cooks from over the counter, why don’t get a table inside the kitchen. This amazing concept is known as chef’s table. This is normally used by chefs to offer a tasting menu for their new creations, of course, it cost a little bit more than the average dining fee, but to be able to taste a new dish and get a one of a kind experiences eating in the midst of a busy hustling kitchen is one of a kind. To top that, we get to see the beautiful movement of a well-trained chef on the stage of their own.

For me there is a pleasure in watching a swift move of a chef started from the misé en place, as simple as slicing onion or debone a chicken, to the cooking process, when they flawlessly stir the pan and pot, until the final process of plating all the element of the dish into a beautiful plate to please the eyes first before they kill us with the burst of flavour. It’s always intriguing to see what inspire all the great mind of the chefs when they plan all the menu.

My current addiction now is actually a Netflix series called Chef’s Table. Which they introduce us to a number of amazing chefs all around the world, telling the stories of their inspirations as well as an opinion from a well-known culinary figure n the area. If you ever wanted to know what goes behind all the crazy dishes in the famous restaurant, I highly recommend this series. This series is not like you every other culinary show, it is seriously mind blowing.

Now if you excuse me, I need to watch more episode of it and feel bad about myself even more.

a New Host in Town!

A good talk show should consist of a great host an and intimate chat.

I know there are a lot of late night talk shows, I’ve been following Jimmy Fallon since the Late Night era. Well, I might not his biggest fan, but I do love his show at the tonight show nowadays. Right now, I am just found out The Late Late Show with James Corden, and isn’t this guy funny!

My first video of James Corden was him and Anna Kendrick doing a riff-off a while ago, and lately I’ve saw his carpool karaoke video with Jennifer Hudson, and he do sing well, don’t he? From that video, I watch a bunch other of his video and google him up. He actually have a great track record back in Britain. He has a real funny show and act!

After seeing his video hosting shows, doing parody of take that, and giving a pep talk to England Football Team, I also spent times seeing his interview. It looks like he is such a friendly Brits, he also can bring out some intimacy with his guests, which is shown in an interview for a documentary video of Gary Barlow and Robbie WIlliams.

I know Jimmy (both Kimmel and Fallon) has been in the business for long, but I think a new competition has just arrived. James can sing, act, and conduct a warm interview. What else do you need?

This is the result from a consistent hard work and restless days, and I am very envious with that kind of persistence. I want to be able to friggin focus and success and at least one thing!

Or at least, I want to be able to go out and have a chat with James Corden over a beer and some beef wellington.

Love Has No Labels – Ad Council

I just found this campaign on youtube. I love this kind of campaign when we put aside all the differences and just unite as one. This prove that love is universal and can be shared with anyone, your parents, significant others, friends, family, everybody!

There are two lines I loved from this video,

“We all have different religions, but we all have universal love as well.”

“We are neighbors and best friends!”

Here, watch the video yourself and go spread out the love.

By Ad Council – Love Has No Labels.

Labels are for cans

We can never be sure about people if we only see what lingers outside. Yet it seems only natural for people to give an instant judgement just after a short glare. Scientist says that it only took 7 seconds for people to give a judgement after seeing other people for the first time.

But, life is not always a straight walk along the shore. There will be a storm once in a while. There are plenty of unrevealed things that lies behind a simple appearance. A delicious presented food doesn’t always tell that it is super tasty. That green slump you avoid is actually the best purest matcha ice cream, we never know. Because we already put a judgement.

Middle Eastern Coke made this cool video that put six strangers in one table with no lighting, and have them chat about their life.

What happen next, just like all the internet link said, it will blow your mind!

Here is the video, from Middle Eastern Coke Youtube Account,

Remember, labels are for cans, not humans!

Letters from Dad

Recently I stumbled upon this article on Time website that consist of letters from the dad in occasion of Father’s Day, and I find it a crime to not share such heartwarming stories from these influential dads.

Here, read it yourself at http://time.com/3918868/lee-daniels-fathers-day-letter/

Just keep scrolling and feel the love.


They Call Him ‘Pak Budi’

Actually, I shared this video already, a long time ago. Since my old blog is no longer exist, I decide to once again share the video with you.

This video is about a CNN tribute to heroes 2009, before Ibu Robin Lim got the CNN Heroes in 2011, there are already one Indonesian that being the candidate for the CNN Heroes. He is Budi Soehardi, a pilot from Indonesia along with his wife Peggy, founded an orphanage in West Timor. It started when there were a conflict there, which led to a lot of victim. Mr. Budi Soehardi was actually only coordinating volunteer to give out a donation, but he eventually met with the youngest victim, the orphans. *as Kate Upton said in the video* After that, he decided to help those kids that has been an orphan, and started to build a orphanage.

I don’t know why, but I always touched easily with something fatherly figure, which make me felt super happy when I see the kids are smiling when they are with their Pak Budi and Ms. Peggy, or as they called Mama. You can see their website here.

This video is a bit old, but I am sure, kindness know no time. It can be shared anytime, anywhere. So I guess I just shared it again here.

Enjoy the speech and the video, about the loving and caring Pak Budi.