I Miss Sitting in a Meeting

A good one.

I am sure you all know what I mean. I am not talking about a meeting where you just sit around a table and listening to some nonsense. I am talking about a nice brainstorming session, the one that actually providing results, or at least steps towards that. In a meeting we could get some inspirations and ideas and collaborations for some cool things, some fun events, etc.

Some prefer to called it brainstorming, well it works. It sends out a more cool vibe than the word ‘meeting’. While brainstorming sounds like a more fun activity with throwing a lot of ideas out of the box and that kind of stuff, meeting tend to drive our mind to that long boring moment when we play candy crush or scrolling over social media while pretending to be present at the room or table.

I had this random thought just when I was about to sleep, well most of my random thoughts comes up at that time, and I felt like I haven’t been bloging for such a long time, so why don’t I share this random thought with the interwebs.

Back then, I was used to sit on a long meeting, discussing about details of the event. It was a headache back then, I must admit, lots of arguments, problems, dramas, name it all. But it was all worth it when you can argue and actually getting results. Your idea might not be always the best and picked all the time, but the feeling of being listened and taken into considerations gives us a feel of respect. Which encourage us to throw some ideas in the future.

To make it simple, it was tiring but worth it. All the times, energy, hard work that been spent on the event paid off when the event is done and we all can share the memories and lessons for future events.

What I missed the most actually the camraderie. We all spare our times to do the meetings, comes up with idea, crafting the equipments, making phone calls, try to pull all strings we had. We just get motivated to not be the one that pulling the team down.

I am not sure, wether the work ethic has changed, or maybe it just a bunch of people with different work pace with me. One thing for sure, I am not feeling the sense of camraderie anymore. It might be just a different path that we grown into and that is the reality that must be accepted.

Good meeting sessions also helps to keep the mind sharps. We are being pushed to use our minds to think about a lot of stuff, from decision making, solutions for problems, or maybe some light jokes to lighten the mood.


I really miss a good brainstorming session.


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