Let’s not be a grinch!

Happy New Year!

I know it was a long month ago that the new year passed, but last week we just passed another one, so I figure it’s still valid!

I have been ignoring this blog for way too long, to be honest, I was kinda lost the feeling for blogging because I don’t think that I have something worth sharing for. Last year wasn’t a very bright year for me. Leaving Singapore because of this back injury, it feels like I abandoning something I adore for so long. But, it was all in the past and let it be in the past, take a thing to be a lesson and not dwell so much on it.

As a lesson from it, I started to get more aware on my health. Other than swimming for the back, I add some weight training to build some muscle. Well, mostly I work out so I can justify what I am eating. Although, by working out I figure I was more reliable on the diet. Just because I don’t want all the hard work goes to waste.

With that being said, it sometimes bugs me when people exaggerating their diet. Yes I know it was a pain in the ass to burn all that calories away and you don’t want it to just easily go away. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be such a drama queen when you wanted to eat something. If you want to eat it just friggin eat it! work your ass later in the gym to burn that extra calorie! If you committed to the diet then do it and do not be such a wuss when people ate in front of you and putting such a miserable face, you just make the appetite gone along with the joyful of eating. Do not take away the grinch job!

On the other side, let’s move into a more positive side. Being exposed to a lot of information available, especially with the internet nowadays, it is confusing for a newbie like me. Currently, I am trying to workout like a powerlifter/bodybuilder kinda workout and I got a lot of help from bodyduilding.com, they provide a lot of information and free workout template. While for a little motivation I like to watch Matt Vincent’s video on youtube as well as SuperTraining. They both provide a valuable information and occasionally motivational content.

Let’s hope (and work) for a better year ahead of us!


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