The Super Samoan!

I grow up watching WWE, since the time it known as WWF. An era where pre-Hollywood The Rock feuding with the likes of Stone Cold, Triple H, and such. High flying Hardys, table breaking Dudleys, and annoying yet fun Christian and Edge. I watch it until the era where Edge going single and was the Champions, Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio exchanging belts, and I stopped. Because of an incident that caused an underaged mimicking the moves and ended up died while doing it, and the shows was taken off the air in my country.

As I watching wrestling growing up, and now I wanted to get more in shape and get fit. I figure I need some kind of body goals. People tend to go with those people that super bulky and buff when they go for a fitness goal. Well, it’s not weird, some says to keep dream big, right? I have goals too, I wish that someday I will have a body like Brock Lesnar. Having a big dream is not a sin, but it is also important to have something more realistic. Just like when you want to run a marathon, you have to start running, do a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and then you go to the marathon.

Brock Lesnar is very jacked, I’ve seen his training routine on youtube and I even out of breath just watching it. The cool thing about him is not only he is strong, he also possesses a speed and agility like a cruiserweight wrestler. But I am aware of my condition right now. He was an all-American champion and a pro athlete his whole life and I was this fat Asian boy that play basketball and eat all the time, and when the basketball stops it just mean that I got extra time to eat. In a short, I was a couch potato.

As I said, it’s nice to have high goals, but make sure you have some that still reachable, and you work yourself over time. While I heard the news that Brock Lesnar is going to make his comeback at the UFC Octagon, I was stoked and excited. I wasn’t a big fan of UFC before, but I would like to see how he do in the octagon. Since the WWE is ‘scripted’ and the performers are considered more as a performer than an athlete. The rants can go for another paper regarding that issues. My point is I wanted to see him fight in the octagon. The build up for the match is huge, not surprising tho, remembering that both of the biggest giants is backing  this event. I am not gonna talk about the result and stuff because it is full of scandals and such. What I wanted to tell is when I know the one that will face Brock Lesnar at UFC 200, I was again stoked.

The man was Mark Hunt, the Super Samoan, a New Zealand fighter that known as a big hitter, whom also a winner for K1 Tournament in Japan. Why I got stoked? Well, it was not a surprise that some heavyweight fighter can be a bit chunky. Let’s make it this way, if you bumped over him in the street, you won’t have a thought that he is a UFC Fighter. When I youtube some of his old matches I was even more blown away, he is actually a great fighter. It led me to look for his biography, Born To Fight, where he share the struggles of growing up and how he can get into his position right now. I would highly recommend it.

What got me in his story is, he was never a school jocks, a well-established athlete, he might have his stint when he tried out for a rugby team, but it eventually went south. Regardless all his shortcomings he always found a way to get back on track. The determination of a ghetto boy, a story of an underdog. Which is a more relatable story to most of us, I find this motivating. For me, I love to have a big goal, but it is important to have something that still reachable for the moment. I might still have a long way to go towards the physique of Brock Lesnar, but in a meantime, I will head for Mark Hunt and from there, I started to go towards the very end of the track!

I write this post as a motivation for me since I started to working out regularly and losing my excessive weight in order to be able to do a proper activity without exhausting myself and pressuring my body to the extent, and of course to be able to have a taste of those amazing delicious treats awaits. This body has cost me some dreams and it is time to gain back the control!


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