Why never invite me?*

Don’t we all love to hear that sentence? To be clear these are a couple situation that the sentence normally applies;

I already watch the movie last week.
Wah, never invite me.

The cake there was great, I ate three slices yesterday.
Eat cake never invite me.

Yeah, I spent my Saturday at hospital.
Go hospital never invite me!

Can you explain to me why I have to invite you whenever I go places? are you the one paying for it? I just can’t get it. If you say this is only a small talk, well, just don’t talk at all. I find this is very annoying. I have two hypothesis on it;

  1. They just want to have their time by themselves or have it with another circle of friends.
  2. You just not fun to be with.

For some people, it is relaxing to just have a time for ourselves. Yes, there are peoples who don’t mind, even enjoy, doing things alone. My suggestion if you want to say things like that or something similar, just zip it. Be wise on what you said. You might let it slip one time, and you won’t get any invitations anymore.

*the phrases is in Singlish about asking why people never ask the speaker to join their activity. The terms also commonly used is Bo Jio.


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