I Woke Up Hungry

I just don’t get how people come up with the hashtag “woke up like this”. You know, that picture when you post the image of you just after you wake up in the morning. What even makes you think about it in the first place?

Hmm, okay how do I start my day? 
Oh, I know! 
Lets take a selfie!
I’m a geniuuuus!!

For me, as I am constantly hungry, I will never think to take a picture after I am wake up, the phone is lucky to not be eaten. The first thing in my mind after waking up is

what should I eat for breakfast today?
Porridge would be nice.
But wait, it wont hold long enough.
How about noodle?
 No, it will make me fat.
I guess I ended up with the nasi uduk again.

Yeah, avoiding noodle and having a rice dish cooked with coconut milk with fried as toppings for breakfast won’t make you fat.

Also, I am pretty sure the picture of me waking up won’t be pleasing at all. That droopy eyes and half awake look, I can’t seem to get a good angle of me at that time of the day. I will be busy covering up my stomach anyway. Because I don’t know what sorcery there were, but every time I lay on my bed it seems always try to get me naked. I don’t know why, I just laying down minding my own business, roll a bit to get the most comfortable position and the next thing I know, my shirt is up to my stomach. And if i fell asleep like that, I ended up taking tolak angin and burping all day long the next day.

So, if any of you guys are a practitioner of the hashtag “I Woke Up Like This” or have any idea what’s behind it, please do tell me! I’ll be here waiting in line for my noodle.


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