Stars for the Little Red Dot

Michelin just held an event in Singapore to give out some stars to Singapore culinary establishment. The recipient are the sorts like Joel Robuchon, Jaan, Les Amis, Cut, and some others big names in the industry, the full list can be seen here.

Well, it is a no brainer for me that some of the big names getting their star from the lovable bibman. What exciting is some of the local hawker place also getting the recognition. For me Singapore culinary scene is not just about the fancy fine dining or high place restaurant but the heart of it is the tremendous amount of local hawker delicacy. From the carrot cake to chicken rice, to bak chor mee, everything is a delish. just like Indonesian with their fried rice and satay, Singaporean also have their preferences for their favourite hawker place.

That shown because no matter where you go, every big hawker center seems to have that one stall that need to be queued for at least 30 mins. It actually mind boggling how the fast paced Singaporean willing to queue for a food. It’s like a unsaid rules, “if got queue, confirm good one.” and basically I just salute anyone that willing to wait for more than 15 mins for the food. I can go mad because of the waiting.

The thing that can be learn from this for those who wanted to open up new food business is that you don’t need to go way overboard with your business, yes it is nice to dream big, but it will be nicer to be realistic. Keep that big dream to your long term goals and focusing small first. *of course if you have all the requirement to go big, go ahead* Just make sure that you are 100% behind your idea and have the drive to both run the business and beat the rent.

Start out at a hawker doesn’t mean that you are less than the others, there’s prove with two establishment awarded in the first Michelin Guide for Singapore.

Let’s get cooking guys!


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