Percolate Coffee

Coffee of the East

Yes, I just found out that I have an accessible coffee place near my place just when I am about to leave the country.



I find this cool coffee place in the east part of Singapore, located in Bedok North Road 3, Percolate Coffee is one of the most comfortable coffee place I ever been into. They serve not only nice conventional coffee, they also has quite a couple interesting menu. The first time I went there, I have their sparkling coffee, yep, Sparkling. For my poor coffee palate, this is a new thing for me. To have a little bit of kick with the caffeine dose is dope!

IMG_7212Other than coffee they also have some snacks to go with. I’ve tried two of their menu so far, one was a Tom Yum Chicken Ciabatta and a Pandan Kaya Croissant. I love the Tom Yum Chicken Ciabatta! The mixture of that tom yum mayo in the soft tender chicken is amazing. on the other hand, the Pandan Kaya Croissant is not really hit the spot for me. The filling is nice, not overly sweet, but the croissant texture is not flaky enough, I feel like eating a bread instead.IMG_7211 

IMG_7238The ambience of the shop is nice, a little cool spot to sit back with a book or a nice chat with a good friend. To give a more added value, the staff over there is very helpful and really have the initiative. other than that they have a great playlist. You just can’t beat a sweet place with a good coffee and lovely music.

Too bad I find this place too late, but it’s better late than never, no?IMG_7213.JPG

Percolate Coffee
136 Bedok North Avenue 3 #01-152



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