Culinary Student Journal, Final Entry

Yes, this will be my final post regarding this Culinary Student thingy.

I am actually imagining having posting this post on 2017 with a lot of dazzling picture from the graduation and all the creation during my final project, but instead, I have to post this prematurely.

Regarding of my back condition, I’ve decided to call it a quit. At start I thought it will be okay, I know it will be a tough environment to go through and I never have a slightest underestimating the pressure in the kitchen. After the first three month, I think I can start to getting the groove, but the game changes when I start the apprenticeship. Being a kitchen staff is not easy, moreover staying as a trainee. In my opinion, the environment of quick paced and heavy working load is really give a toll of your body.

I am actually lucky enough to have such a helpful head chef that willing to customize the schedule for me. And with a thought about having two weeks work and one week school, I was hoping to have a lighter routine during school week. Apparently, things won’t always go as planned. During this past few weeks, the back pain is getting more and more, despite the back braces I wore and my swimming session.

Having to quit the school is quite a hard decision for me to make, remembering the struggle I went through for this program. Moreover the friendship that we’ve built during the past six months. People said that friendship that been built over hardship can last longer, is quite true. We’d support each other during the struggle at the earlier stage and become each others support system. But yeah, good things must come to an end. It is not easy to leaving my friends at the academy, but sometimes we must take different paths.

I like to think this is like a moment in top chef when one cheftestant being sent home. Of course with difference that I am not chef, moreover top chef, yet, and this is not a competition. Even though I feel a lot of resemblance, when we put in group and have to nailed the recipe given, when during exam we felt like in those quickfire challenge with the prize of getting good grades. The way we kinda avoid working with people we don’t fond of, and such, and such.

What’s next?

I’ve been dreaming for a long time. This is the time for me to start doing it. I have a couple business plan in mind and I will use my time in the future to really make it happen, instead just burying them in the notebook and this wandering mind.

So yeah, This post mark the end of my journey in this little red dot called Singapore.

Let’s stop dreaming and keep busy making the dreams.



3 thoughts on “Culinary Student Journal, Final Entry

  1. Semangat ndi :’)
    I know how it feels, to stop giving up a dream. Tapi ternyata nanti banyak chance lain yang baru yang lebih menyenangkan…you never saw coming 🙂
    Ayo jadi food blogger hahaha!

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