Culinary Student Journal, Week 22

This week I started to read the book from William Wongso about Indonesians cuisine. I find this book is very intriguing, because it breaks down the flavours that usually served inside an Indonesian plate. This book might not be dissecting in a super detail way, since it might be a countless book to really detailing what goes but it gives a brief introduction about what you will find in Indonesia.

Having this book in my hand actually makes me appreciate the complexity of Indonesian food. I was never the best appreciator for Indonesian food, because just like everybody, I took it for granted. Growing up eating the food and the easy access to buy it, I never have the willingness to cook it. But now, living abroad and moreover studying culinary, I wanted to at least try to introduce various Indonesian flavour, maybe not as a chef or something with a fancy title, but as an Indonesian that proud with the diversity of flavour from home.

On Complaining

I realise that this posting is mostly about me complaining about how though live are and such and such. Most of my friends also have the same problem, maybe they not write it down in a post or something, but when we hang around and going out, they share the problems with the group. I am totally okay and 100% not against it. That’s what friends are for anyway, to become support system when we were down and to share the joy when we were on top.

I do also complaint a lot, but I find that we have to draw a line for when to stop, haven’t us?

Nowadays I try to second guessing my complaint. Yes, I do felt tired and exhausted, but as well as the others. I try to find another way to handling the issue instead just merely complaining. I am not saying that I will not complaint anymore, I just trying to limit my complain and try to not repeatedly saying the same problem over and over and over and over and over again.

What I feel is since we already have a hard time, let’s not make it worse by complaining to much. It is okay to let your emotion out, but it is not okay to keep repeating it on every chance you have. In my opinion, you’re not complaining anymore, you are just whining. Let’s not make the times even harder by being so negative.

I think my goal for this week is to not complaining too much. We millennials already have quite a bad mark on it, like a Chinese saying the young generation is a ‘Strawberry Generation’ 草莓族. That refers us to be like a strawberry that can’t hold any pressure just like a delicate strawberry is. We have a lot to improve and show the society wrong, that we are can be as tough as the others and we are not a quitter.

Oh and one more thing, I will try to stop justified my bad decisions. LOL

See you guys!


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