Culinary Student Journal, Week 20

Hi guys, I’ve been gone through week 20 of this journey, which means I’ve been staying for 5 months here in Singapore. It is definitely a struggle for me. I’ve got the news from the school that they won’t move me unless I have a letter from Singaporean doctor. But, the good news is the chef at the apprenticeship site is kind enough to give me a customised schedule, which give me a shorter working hour. Which started since Monday. I’ve tried using the back support during my time inside the kitchen, after a week I still don’t find any difference. I am just hoping that this is truly helping.

I’ve been through of quite a cynical reactions because of the special hours, some of them are saying how can I fit into a kitchen when I kinda stretching out for a couple times during services. Sometimes I just want to slap them in the face with a sizzling hot pan or dip their face inside a boiling oil. It’s not like I wanted to have a friggin fracture on my back.

Oh, how I wish I can have a life free from assholes.

I just hope it will only get better.

See ya, guys!


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