Culinary Student Journal, Week 19

As you know I have quite a homesick and I am spending this weekend back at Indonesia. I think it makes me miss it even more. Two days clearly not enough to be in the comfort of your own bed. I am literally soaked with tears of joy when I sleep on my bed. LOL

I also visited a doctor to check my back condition, since I am having a back pain and it started to go to my feet. The doctor said that it might have a connection with my back condition, so he suggested to wear a corset to support my spine. He also suggest me to go to a less busy kitchen so the pressure on my spine won’t be as hard. I am still torn about it, I might talk to my chef first, both the instructor and the one in the apprenticeship site. Because, yes I do have a thought to going home. I feel like I shouldn’t be studying anymore and start to creating something, and hopefully I can start something really soon.

But be back for the weekend and met my friends and see their support do give me such a boost to get through this. Not to mention my classmates, which we always try to support each other during our down moment, especially for us foreign student, this kind of support is really boost our fighting spirit.

See Ya, guys!


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