Culinary Student Journal, Week 18

Still the same, still tired and still aching. But, at least now I can be more appreciative towards food that been served in a restaurant. Being the crew behind the counter sure give me a new perspective. Because behind every plate that you’ve been served, there are a sweat and hard work of every kitchen crew preparing it.

This week me and my friends visiting the Food Hotel Asia 2016, located in Singapore Expo. I think it is the biggest food conference in Asia, the event also hosting a competition for Bocuse D’or Preliminary match for Asia Pacific, which won by Japan. It’s such a nice feeling to see the Indonesia team competing there, even they are not make it to Lyon for the later stage of competition, but to see the red and white flag standing with other countries that competing already give me a chill. The event itself was fun, I get to see a lot of stuff and taste quite a number of sample, including a risotto flavored gelato, which tasted really weird, it’s not sweet nor savory.

I don’t really know what to write to be honest. I might give the series a hiatus or maybe I won’t posting in a weekly basis, instead I’ll post when I have something in mind. It might two days, a week, two week, or a month times. Because I feel like what I post is starting to get stagnant. But, we’ll see later.

See you, guys.


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