Warmth The Belly, Warmth The Heart.

I’ve ran into this commercial by Tiger Beer Singapore from instagram, and today I youtube the whole video. The campaign is about preserving the street food that most of the people has taking it for granted. One of the video is about a third generation of popiah skin maker, that wanted to continuing what his father and grandfather has done since 1930s. there is one more video about a Char Kway Teow stall owner that been asked what makes his mee is different with others, he said this

“No two sets of handwriting are the same, and like handwriting the taste can’t be replicated.”

and to reach that level, he put so much effort and hardwork to what he did. He start his day as early as 3 AM in the morning, to prepare selling at 6 AM. He said, he will do this as long as he can do it. Once he feel like he start to slowing down, then he will know it is the time to stop.

On another video about an uncle that sell Hokkien Mee, he said something like this,

“In life, if you have clothes to wear, food to eat, things to do, and you are healthy, that’s good.”

yet, another motivation from a 73 years old uncle. He has gone through the hardships during his youth until he can reach the point where he is right now. Yes, for others he might be just another uncle selling hokkien mee at hawker center, but It is all back to our perspective and how we can appreciate what we have.

Seeing this video is actually giving me motivation to keep going. Yes, sometimes it will get tiring and depressing, but the road to a nice place mostly are bumpy and windy, right? Sure there are roads that already paved and directed, but unfortunately that things only happen for certain people.


I am lucky to found these videos, these are the kind of food I love to eat. Something warmth, something soulful (and occasional McDonalds). These videos also give me a second thought about food. Yes it is nice to have a beautiful plate to please the eyes, but it also not a wrong thing to have something that warmth both the stomach and the heart.

Anyway, let’s start to be grateful and stop taking things for granted.


You can check the video in here, here, and here.


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