Culinary Student Journal, Week 16

I am starting to feel like I had enough of Singapore. I find this city very tiring, I am normally a city kind of person, but maybe it’s true what people said too much of everything is not good for you, and I think I have a tad too much of a city. Sometimes, I want to go over to sit on a beach or a mountain and chill.

Anyway, the time is kinda going so slow, yet so fast. I feel like the days goes by slowly, but before I know, I just finished the 16th week of the program. Which means, I already living about four months in Singapore, it kinda explain why I get tired in here. For a couple weeks, I’ve been dreading to go back home, with all the fatigue and how my body been aching, I just wanted to go back home, eat a lot of Bakso Afung, Ayam Penyet, and be miserable.

Like I said, I don’t know since when I started to turn into such a negative minded person. I hope this is only a phase that will gone by. The way I console myself is,by thinking how this part of my life can be such a dramatic chapter when I wrote my biography in the future. Yes, I can be that lame, sometimes. LOL. Also, when I heard stories from my classmates at their workplace, I figured that my place actually not that bad. If you complain about people that annoyed you, well, you find that anywhere, anyway. 

I try to read some books to sooth my mind also to find inspiration and reminder why I starting this course.

Anyway, if you guys know what things to do with a low/no budget in Singapore and pretty chillaxing, do let me know!

See you!


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