Culinary Student Journal, Week 15

Last week was more enjoyable, even though the start of the week was quite rough. I visited a doctor to check on my spine condition, since I am having this stupid backache and sore ankle, and sore knee, and basically all my body parts are sore. You know what’s great. The doctor only asked me to lose around 30KG of my body weigh and we’ll see how things work after. No medications, no pain killer, not even a chance to ask things. Yeah, thanks for stating the obvious.

In the apprenticeship site, I got to learn more things. I got the chance to cook and portion one dish from my station from scratch, I got to do some plating for the menu from hot station. One thing that I hope to reduced is the aching on the body and this stupid knee pain. Hopefully the following week will be better since it is our school week, and to be real, I never missed school this much.

I can only hope that things will get better from here!

See Ya!


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