Culinary Student Journal, Week 14

This week was fun yet a bit stressful for me.

Fun because this is the start of the apprenticeship, where I got to learn about the dynamic in the industry. But in the same time is quite scary, because I don’t know if I can live up to it or not. Luckily, I’ve survived the first week and endure the first weekend service. The kitchen is pretty fun, even though it’s small in size, the pace is surely fast, the chefs and all the staff also very helpful.

This week also a bit rough to me, because I keep missing home so badly. I don’t know why, but I never felt this when I was in Taiwan. I start the week with a visit to the doctor office to check my back and I only can hope that it will be going up from here.

I don’t know why I am turning into such a negative minded person, but I can only hope for the best in the future.

Wish me luck, guys. need it very bad!

See Ya!


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