The Chopping Queue

The life in Singapore is both fun and annoying in the same time, and by “the life” I mean, eating in Singapore. Fun, because the community is so diverse, which make the food scene in here is also diverse, not to mention the coffeeshop or kopitiam that available everywhere. You can find a different kopitiam only within 200m radius from each other, and they have another restaurant in between.

With that kind of situation, is seems that life is all rainbow and unicorn, isn’t it?

Apparently no.

There is no such thing as a perfect life.

Besides the diverse amount of cuisine and plenty numbers of stall available. Singaporean is always attracted to one thing.


It has become a national joke I think. Because locals is willing to queue long hours to eat something. it is not a 15-30 minutes queue, the waiting time is might gone up to 2 hours plus. If I have to wait that long, the food better be good, so good that makes me cry out a rainbow and make me feel guilty to go poop afterwards.

Another fun thing is, after you queue for so long and finally get your food in hand, most places make you go find your own seat. This is not a problem, if this thing is never existed.


This might not be a problem if you go in groups. But as an enjoyer for a solo trip like me. I wanted to smack them out. I can tolerate if the place is not that crowded or on a low hours, but to chop a place during a busy dinner hours, while your meal might come only in 40 minutes later, and there is other people with food in hand looking for a place to sit and eat in peace. I hope your ass will be glued down to the seat forever.

But, all in all, it’s fun to experience the life here. Whats not is the price we pay, tho.

Now if you excuse me, I have to put my bag in a table, so I can have a place to eat for my 1 hour queue long Bak Chor Mee


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