Self Labeling Individuals

In a professional world there is a thing called 10000 hours rules, it means that a person can be considered a pro in one industry after doing at least 10.000 hours of practice or basically hands on activity in the respective field.

Nowadays people easily stating that they are something. giving the own self some sort of title that should be earned, instead of stated. yes, i am not free of charge, I’ve been putting out freelance writer for so long in my LinkedIn account. not until recently that I just removed all the self-gifted title on my LinkedIn page and saying that I am a full time student., culinary student to be exact.

One day, I was channel surfing on the TV until I find a program called Chef Vs Child. One thing that crossed my mind was, “Oh crap!” for some of you the show might be fun to see how a professional chef battling(?) a child that being claimed as a young chef. I know that it attract ratings and such but, as one of my instructor said, that show is somehow offensive to the people in the industry. Yes, it is cool to see a young child to be able to cook, to make a great steak. But to call them a chef. Whoa, things escalated very quickly here.

I think the word ‘Chef’ is being used to lightly nowadays. well, not only chef, a lot of words being used very lightly, ‘photographer’, ‘writer’, etc. its like it has so little meaning. “Look, I can make a fettucine alfredo, let’s post it up with a caption ‘Homemade Fettuccine Alfredo by Chef Dumbdumb’, posted on IG @dumbdumblovefood” Yes, we understand the urge for you to share your creation with us in the digital realm, but to call yourself a chef? whoa, chill dude. if you can called yourself a chef by making one fettuccine alfredo at home, then my mother and grandmother are a masterchef.

If by doing that you can be called a chef, then what is the point of me, flying abroad to learn culinary, busting my ass out in the kitchen, chopping onions and carrots to practice that julienne, brunoise, and all the cuts for exam; standing for a long hours in the hot kitchen next to the stove and being shouted for not able to cut the onion fine enough; all the hours we’ve been washing that huge kitchen after being shouted because of the onion. after we graduate, even we can’t call our self a chef yet. We will only start our journey as a commis or a helper out in the kitchen. bustling our ass off and being shouted as we struggle to staying alive and keeping up with the pace.

well, media also have role in it, with all the food programme about chef this and chef that, people star to think that being a chef is about do a little bit kitchen work and charmingly smiling in front of camera. Do a little chop chop here, sauté there, and voila magical scrumptious dish on the first try. If that is the case, i better pack my bag and going back home and start shouting I am a chef. As I said, I also guilty for did that kind of stuff, but luckily I’ve been ‘enlighten’ and I am willing to work my ass off to get to that point.

I am hoping that all those self proclaimed people can put more respect to not just using a word so lightly.

Oh, by the way, I am not aiming to be the world’s greatest masterchef, i am aiming to be the restaurateur with a nice kitchen skills.

Yours truly

A struggling culinary student.


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