Slow Quick Getaway

You know the feeling when you just want to have a quick getaway and decided to book a flight to nearby country for the weekend. 
Ah, I am not gonna bring anything, a cabin bag will be enough. 

Or not. 

When you pack, you start to pack more than what you actually need. I might need this, i might need that. Before you know it you have two cabin sized bag. 

You know what, a weekend getaway alone is not fun. How about ask some friends, there you ask two of your best friends to spend the weekend splurging the hard earned money for some self indulgence getaway. The two also being in need with a getaway or just to give you a support so you don’t overly sad that you go lonely. 

Boom, they also get two cabin sized bags. That’s already six bags between three people. 

As a normal human being, we will try to reassure ourselves that, it’s only a little extra, shouldn’t be a problem. 

As well as the other 100 passenger. Not to mention a local that going back to their hometown, bring some souvenirs that to risky to be checked and to bulky to be put together in their cabin bag. 

Not trying to be preaching, only a reminder to myself to pack what i need. If it looks like I need more spaces, just buy extra luggage space and checked the baggage in. 

Let’s make the quick getaway still quick. 


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