Culinary Student Journal, Week 10

Happy People Makes Great Food.

This week was services week. We learn about how to provide the basic dining room services, from how to fold a napkin to how to set a table. Working the front of the house is not any easier, since we have to deal with people that pretty much unpredictable, but that is also the fun thing. We get to know about a lot of things and get exposed into a lot of things.

During the lecture, the instructor said this line,

“Happy staff will take care of your customer”

I am agreeing with it. I always believe in to make people happy, we have to be happy first. In a sense how can you hope others to smile when all you do is pouting for the whole day. In other words, how can you send out delicious food out to the customer when you are not doing it whole-heartedly.

I am not saying that we have to be the all fun caring person all day everyday, but at least keep our emotion in check to make sure we did not drag the whole service down with our downy attitude. Because one, is not a pleasant experiences to be served with a pouty face, two it will only tire yourself, because all you think is this is not nice, not fun, very tiring, etc. I also believe your attitude will kind of set up your day for you. When you wake up feeling good, all the things that happen through out the day will be less stressful, vice versa.

What I am hoping is I can start to have this habit when I can see the positives of sides, and hopefully not dragging the whole mood down, as for the future I can make sure all the colleague, staff, business partners, or whoever it is to keep happy.




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