Culinary Student Journal, Week 9


Sorry for the late update. Last week was fun, a whole week doing breads and having the assessment for the pastry module. Finally the weeks of basic training in the kitchen is done and we going to start the service weeks from Wednesday. Yes, we got this two days off for the Chinese New Year, which is the reason for this late post. I was helping out my mother to preparing some dishes, where I make the Chicken Stew and Chocolate Sauce, also Banana Choco Chip Bread with my brother. It’s nice to able to cook again.

During the previous two weeks, I remember one of the instructor asked what makes you come to the school and I answer to be able to learn the basic skills so I can cook a better food that makes people happy and start my own homey place(s). I am not hoping to have a million branches, but only one that very comfortable, although I am not closing the opportunity to open my franchise in the future.

While I spent the holiday with finishing the sorcerer’s apprentice, a book about a stage life in El Bulli. Which encouraging me to learn even more in the kitchen, not only that, I also started to thinking what I wanted to achieve with cooking. Is it the fancy molecular gastronomy, high-class fine dining, or rustic classic. I think I will go with the classic touch, which going to give my customer a feeling of a home cooking. Nothing against the fancy fine dining or a innovative molecular stuff, I just want my style to be the rustic classic one, classic with a bit of modern touch.

As I said, the following weeks I will be learning about the front of the house services and will start my apprenticeship pretty soon. It is such an thrilling yet scary, but a good kind of scare, feeling.

See you next week guys!



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