Culinary Student Journal, Week 8

Whoa, it’s been two months since I started the lesson. There are still one year four motnhs left in this journey. Actually I can’t believe that it’s been only 8 weeks. I feel like it’s already quite a while, since I felt that I got so many new knowledge. Ye, the basic is not over yet, there’re still a lot to learn. I think this is how it feels when you enjoy the lesson and finding new stuff everyday. Since I am used to a chill kind of lifestyle, that took me quite a while to learn new things. This change of pace have some sort of mental mixed up.


This week was another fun journey, after starting the week by learning cookies, we advancing to preparing cold and hot dessert. Which means last week was the week of ice cream, chocolate, and all the creamy temptations one can think of. We got to learn how to make an ice cream, sorbet, panacotta, mousse, and all that stuff. The better thing is, the instructor is a real joy. He explain stuff in a clear and fun manner. A friend of minesaid that, all the pastry instructors are like a saint compared to ours, which I partially agree. Not to say that culinary instructor is bad, but the change of pace is so nice. Like a oasis in the middle of a desert.

The following weeks we gonna start the lesson for breads and have our pastry assesment on Friday, just before our Chinese New Year break. I hope the following weeks can only get better!

See you guys!


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