Culinary Student Journal, Week 7

You know that the universe has their own way in giving us a surprise. When we think that we used to something and starting to get the grasp for it, they are ready to throw some curved ball to screw you up.

This week was the first week in learning pastry. Up until now we got to learn how to make a sweet and savoury filling, creme anglaise, and how to deal with pre mix products (which make us went to school at Saturday). I must say, this lesson is quite interesting. Making a pastry have a different pace with cooking meal, all the thing must be done in precision.

This week is kinda rough for me, I don’t think that I got a grasp in this. Maybe it’s because of the assessment that doesn’t went well, so it affecting the week. When I thought that I starting to feeling comfortable and (sort of) understand what to do, the change of pace give me an extra pressure. Also, it kinda make me start to think whether I took the right path or not (again, for the gazillion times).

All in all, I am just hoping that this storm is done or I at least can try start to dancing in the rain. People said the first three months is the hardest, so what I have to do is keep going forward!

Ah by the way, during this week I got sliced for the first time and hopefully the last time. This is kinda like an initiation process into the kitchen, you haven’t stepped into the kitchen if you don’t have a scar on your hands.


See you, guys!


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