Get Real

When I was a child, I thought what we gonna do is already decided. we shall study, graduate, get a job, get married, yadda yadda, and it all is sort of automatically done. Because I see everybody doing it and as a human being, I just take it for granted.

what a naive brat I was.

Sometimes I feel that I already spent so much times doing things that I think I loved, but ended up changing to another thing that I thought I love it more. Right now I can only think that was it really I didn’t love the previous thing, or I just run when I faced with the trouble. I used to think that if I love to do stuff, it will all easily flow.

What a naive brat I was.

Right now I am got struck by the same question again. Is this the stuff that I really wanted to do? Did I just stalling to get up and get real and hiding behind the thing called ‘passion’? Do I really feel that this is my real passion? If it is, why I do feel pressurized by it? doesn’t it supposed to be fun?

Stop being naive, you brat!

When you do something, there won’t be all smooth, happy, and jolly. you have to feel the struggle to achieve the position you want to go to. Just by doing that, you can appreciate the position that you will be achieving.

Stop being naive and get the real world, you brat!

It won’t be easy, but at least learn one thing. Stop taking anything inside, be smart and filter some shit out. You might struggle at first, but you will be thankful later.


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