Culinary Student Journal, week 5

Hey guys, this week has been fun. After two full weeks of laze around and waking up late, this week I back with the same routine in waking up early and working my ass off in the kitchen. Since before the holiday we have a major clean up for the kitchen, I was hoping to get a brand new clean kitchen in the first morning. But it was a false hope. During the first day, which I got to be the sous chef, that has to come early to report and help the chef instructor, I came early to find out that the chopping board is still soaked in bleach, I assume since the beginning of the holiday. So, we ended up cleaning the whole kitchen two times that day.

What a way to start school, eh.

Beside that, I don’t think this is a hard week, maybe since we already got a better knowledge and know what to expect, even there’s still a couple ‘sotong’ moment. But, I think it’s normal, since we just joining for a month. What I can hope is we get better from here onwards! During this week I think, the real us is starting to showing up. I get to see, who I can work together with.

Next week will be fun, we will learn about sauces and we will have our assessment, practical and written.

Wish us the best luck!

Sotong moment: the moment when you get confused and not sure what to do.

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