Culinary Student Journal, Week 4

Yes guys, it’s been a month since I started and I am still alive, with 10 fingers attached.

This week was very interesting. We started to learn about the basic cooking method using dry heat in both asian and western cuisine. What also interesting is last week our lunch at school was all our jobs. We cook our own food. After the weeks of watching, chopping, and washing kitchen, we get a step closer in contact with a pot with no soap.

We got to cook a lot this week. Making a Yang Zhou Fried Rice, Pineapple Fried Rice, Steamed Fish, Poached Salmon, Deep Fried Fish, Sambal Goreng, and what I love the most is the Hungarian Goulash! Jeez, I think I have one single bowl for myself.

What a way to end the year.

We got a nice two weeks break from school, which made me fly back home and get to sleep until very late on my own bed. Me and a couple of friends decided to end our day with a three hour karaoke session!

All in all, the fourth week had been great and we can get a nice recharge before we coming back to school and heading to our apprenticeship site next year!


oh, by the way I lost 7 KG! Woohoo!!


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