Culinary Student Journal, Week 2


What’s up people, the second week has passed and I have to say, I am glad it passed. Starting from previous Monday, we will be given a sous chef and sanitarian task every day. It came in alphabetical order and guess who got the first try? Yup, yours truly. The perks of having name that starts with A. After all, I have quite a rough Monday, even we all already being briefed in the previous week, the implementation is completely different. Not to mention, sometimes I got confused when the instructor using Singlish. Lucky me, all the classmate and the sanitarian is very helpful and back me up through out the course.

Other than the rough first day, the rest of the week is pretty nice. We started to get more kitchen time and got to see the demo from the chef instructors. We also got the chances to go on a field trip visiting various wet market in Singapore with a task to find a couple items that listed. The theory class also getting more interesting, because know it is not only about the basic theory but more a applicable theory that I find more practical.

One thing that getting better is we all getting used to cleaning up the kitchen after class. It took lesser time than the first time we did it, and we all got the idea what to do. Hopefully as the time goes by, we all can be more effective and efficient in the kitchen.

I can only hope for better weeks ahead.

See you next week.


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