Culinary Student Journal, week 1

Hi guys, I am trying to start a new blog series about my new life in Singapore. Yes, I am moving to Singapore, moved actually. I’ve been living here since November 15th of this year to study a culinary arts diploma. hence the name, culinary student journal.

Being a foodie, I always love the idea of having a restaurant or F&B Business of my own. Therefor I come to Singapore and enrolled to the academy. Since people said being in the business is not a walk in the park and it will come with more stress than others, I thought I might need the outlet to spill out how I feel. So, instead of left this blog unattended, I decided to create the blog series. I will try to post at least once a week for the summary and maybe a bit snippet along.

It’s been quite a decent week, I’ve started this culinary journey along with 14 other comrades, we all have gone through the full theory part and starting to get experiences in the real kitchen work. The first day at school is fine, pretty much it is all about the introduction. While the following three days after that is a full day theory class where we learn about the basic hygiene and safety.

The nightmare starts on Friday, when we gone into the kitchen for our first knife skills class. It’s been a challenge for me, but they said Rome is not build in a day, is it? As long as I still have my 10 fingers attached, I can always practice to perfected my knife skills.

When they say kitchen is a hard work, it really is. I might not experience the hardest part yet, but I know it will be super tough. All the chef instructors always said that, what keep us going is the team work from the 15 of us. We have to back each other up to gain the best potential that we have. Since we all going through the same thing, it is only perfect if we support each other, because we really know what a pain it can be.

I tell you what, learning culinary is not as fun as you think. It is still a long way until we can go cook a fancy meal with a fancy name. Before we got that luxury, we have to master the fundamental first. All of us know, that learning basic fundamentals can sometimes be very frustrating, to get the precision and all that stuff is a real pain. But, to advance, of course we have to get the fundamentals right. As hard as it can be, I know that it will be for my own good.

For what I heard, it will only getting tougher in the future. What can I do is grit my teeth and suck it up.

Now if you excuse me, I want to go wash the chef jacket and go iron it, because it is mandatory to get a nice, clean, and crisply ironed jacket on school.


this is the class of WSQ-DCA-052.


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