Changing Mindset

I always thought that I am an open minded person. But, as time goes by, I don’t think I am. I find that my stubbornness has taking it toll. I tend to think within a box, a little tiny one, unfortunately.

And I am willing to change this bad habit.

Since living in this world for 25 years, I thought I have seen so many things, from a movie, books, anything. I thought by being a passive experiencer might give me the same feeling with actually doing it. Oh, how I was terribly mistaken. It not even a close one  with the real thing.

I thought by hearing how harsh an employer can be, I have the right mental to deal with it. Oh, what a naive brat, I was. you will never know how spicy a bird-eye chilli until you taste one, won’t you? It is pretty much the same thing. I always thought that I have this rock solid mentality, while in fact I was only a spoiled brat, playing adult. I don’t even have the slightest idea of what being an adult means.

What I struggle the most is taking criticism, I have no problem taking one from the one I respect, but I tend to ignore the input that coming from others. *See what an asshole I am*. That is not what people called mature, it is only playing mature.

With the new age coming, I am determined to have a change in my mindset, a quarter of century should have been enough for a spoiled brat playing around in the rain. Now is the time for the rain to stopped and showing a rainbow instead.



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