Sooth Yourself and Be Happy

Living abroad is never an easy task, there will be plenty of challenges waiting for us. Not that there won’t be any in our own home country, but at least we can get more support from our relatives, just like a football club playing at their home ground. The presence of support might be the one that calm us down, or pumped us up.

If you got a friend along with you, then you are very lucky. Most of us go abroad and have to survive, pretty much, on our own. I was lucky enough to went to Taiwan with a couple friends along for our Chinese study. Right now I am once again leaving Indonesia to start a new journey at Singapore. Of course, Singapore is not as far as Taiwan, but the moment of living abroad is pretty much the same. To left a comfort zone and our daily activity to face a new set of routine. The most frightening part is if you have to do it on your own.

When you spending time alone, you start to have a thought about practically anything. Your mind start to wonder and imagine all the stuff that might happen. Our gateway might be by playing on our gadget and thanks to the internet, we can still asking for support from our dear friends and family via all the instant messaging apps available.

But, of course we can not rely on them all the time, in my opinion we should also find our own little sanctuary. It can be anything, from sitting at the park, exploring new culture, or go a back in time a bit and start reading book again.

For me, I have found my formula. I have tried to regaining a joy of reading a book. I started bringing books with me anywhere I go, when I standing in line, at the MRT, during meal time. I started to make it a habit again. Of course a book can be so pricey. So I find another low budget way to calm myself down.

Call me metropolis, but I find looking at a city skyline so soothing. That is why, my favourite spot in Singapore now is the marina bay sands area. Not that I can afford anything there, but they have the best spot to look over the city skyline, and it give me a calming effect that makes me can think even better.

I might go around to check the esplanade area as well, but for now, marina bay sands will still be my go to chillin spot.



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