When I First Saw You

Have you ever tried to remember how you met your best friend?

I actually remember, at least a couple of it.

I remember one of my friends just came over to my place, out of the blue, we don’t even shake hands or do a proper introductions, to borrow a comic book, and from there I have lost count how many stupid nights we spent just to play a little basketball on the garage or cards. Countless sleepover just to play PES on Playstation 2, we might not do that anymore but we know that we have each other backs.

Another one was happened on campus, freshman year. This awkward chinese boy, just sitting on the corner avoiding unnecessary attention, until a Batak girl throw her bag to the chair besides me, and we just talk about stupid things like how a graph on the advertising class looks a lot like a slice of cheesecake, or opera cake, or tiramisu, well any kind of cakes you can ever think of. From there I met the group of a bunch local-international peeps to give color in the college years. The fun stuff is, we still hang around until now, and one of them will have a marriage this Saturday, and that Batak girl, will have hers on October!

Well, the last one I think happened around 2010/2011 I couldn’t really remember when. But, what I remember is it happened because a bunch of people from my temple want to go to eat a buffet, and I am the newcomer there, also invited. Since it took place in Mall Taman Anggrek, it will be more efficient to only drive one car, and guess whose car is it. I thought it will be a bunch of people, but actually there will be only one person carpooling with me. And yours truly here, is not the best with new people. I remember it was kinda awkward drive from Sunter to Grogol. We don’t really know what to talk, since we just literally met like 10 mins before. Well, after that drive, apparently we both hit it off and grew a bit closer, exchanging stupid text and support each other during the dreadful thesis period. That kinda carried until now, when we support each other for a better future.

From all the stories, what I can say is that all of my lasting friendships came from a ‘fluke’. It came out of the simplest stupid things, and we don’t always have the same view for anything. This is will sound cheesy and stuff, but we are likely complete each other out. And, they are the only people that can get away when talk shit to me!

Do you remember yours?

Please, do tell!


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