Tomorrow Will Be Better

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Isn’t it a common phrases to give to someone, when they had such a bad day or moment. It is easy to pat their back and say, “don’t you worry, tomorrow everything will be just fine.”

Well, it is nice if it is happened. But what if it isn’t?

We can not just go around in our happy go lucky face and believe that tomorrow will be better. Of course it is nice to have such a positive attitude, but how long we can keep that positive attitude? It will worn out at some point. Just like a consistent droplets of water on a stone, that will create a hole. Much negativity will worn you out and make you hard to think positive.

Or, how I like to say it being realistic.

I’ve been in such a bad place for these couple years, at first I think, there will be something better, yet after a couple bad judgment, I started to feel bad for myself, it is hard for me to stay positive. It is like the previous failure will always stay and haunt me every single time.

Of course it will come and haunt me every time if I don’t learn a bit from it, that is why you need someone to boost your confidence up, not that you can’t do it by yourself. But, to have someone agree with a self confidence that you built, will kinda give a closure to your self-proclaimed statement. It is a prove that you are not just an individual that full of yourself, that couldn’t figure how much you can chew.

A good friend(s), in that case will keep you in check. They will help you to boost your confidence up and keep your feet on the ground. Well, of course they can only do so much. If you from the inside still feel like a worthless being, they can say anything and you won’t even budge, bad thing, you might feel them too pushy and go away from them. So, basically, to make tomorrow actually better, we need to go inside our head and try to think every good possibility that can happen along the way and what bad if we don’t move.

After that, your support system can come in and boost you up. Only after you start the first ignition.

Yes, it is not an easy task. If it is easy, then we don’t need all the motivation talkshow. But it never a loss to try something new. We need to slowly changed our mindset and hope that tomorrow will be better.

I heard a phrase that goes,

“A rainbow will only shown after rain.”

Yes, I am also in a progress to enjoying the rain and wait for the rainbow. But I will try to find a way to make all the waiting worth it.

Oh, a little old chinese song won’t hurt either. This song titled “明天會更好”-MIng Tian Hui Geng Hao, translated into the title of this post. This was sang by various Chinese Artist in 1985 following the success of the song “We Are The World”. This song was originally written to commemorate Taiwan’s 40th independence anniversary from Japan colonialism.

*video from vancelam youtube account


One thought on “Tomorrow Will Be Better

  1. I was about to post the similar topic about being positive last night. Some said it is a quarter life crisis, where you often get an on and off feeling about being positive. Yeah 明天会更好!

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