Labels are for cans

We can never be sure about people if we only see what lingers outside. Yet it seems only natural for people to give an instant judgement just after a short glare. Scientist says that it only took 7 seconds for people to give a judgement after seeing other people for the first time.

But, life is not always a straight walk along the shore. There will be a storm once in a while. There are plenty of unrevealed things that lies behind a simple appearance. A delicious presented food doesn’t always tell that it is super tasty. That green slump you avoid is actually the best purest matcha ice cream, we never know. Because we already put a judgement.

Middle Eastern Coke made this cool video that put six strangers in one table with no lighting, and have them chat about their life.

What happen next, just like all the internet link said, it will blow your mind!

Here is the video, from Middle Eastern Coke Youtube Account,

Remember, labels are for cans, not humans!

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