Ballonete Resto and Lounge

What is up people!

After a week craving for a pork noodles, I decided to go eat at Bakmi Aloi, PIK. It is such a pleasant experiences after a weekend full of event. After the scrumptious noodle, I decided to take a look at a restaurant that my friend recently open.

Ballonete, Resto and Lounge. You can easily spotted this restaurant by their quirky mosaic glasses front. For me, it is eye catching but it make me felt the places a bit smokey/gloomy. Which is not true, despite they served sisha inside, the place is well air conditioned and not too smoky, maybe it is because I came at monday night and it is not really crowded there. A little suggestion, maybe they can consider put the smoking area upstairs.

For the menu, they have a lot variety. From a pasta, sandwich, even nasi goreng. They also have a handful choices of snacks as well as desserts. Too bad, there was still a lot of unavailable menu. I was intended to order a bread and butter pudding, but they were unavailable. So I decided to order their Ballonete’s Potato Wedges, a seasoned potato wedges with a garlic mayo dip. The presentations was not the best, but they tasted nice, the potato was well seasoned and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The garlic mayo dip complement the seasoning very nicely.

My friend order a Ballonete’s Club Sandwich, which consist of a three stack toast with egg, chicken, and bacon. I have nothing to say. This was not a bad dish, but it didn’t stand out either. I can say, this is a safe choice.

After our meal, we got a complimentary Creme Brulee. I assume it is because still in an opening period. The Creme Brulee was something I never had before. I think they did not burnt the top sugar layer, so it only a little bowl of custard dessert, instead.

All in all, I am happy my friend can open a restaurant, and I am wishing they can survive the wave and not only became another spot at PIK.


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