What era you loved the most?

Hey people, what is up? it is midnight and raining right now. So what is better than to fix a bowl of Indomie Kuah write something out of our imaginations?

I have post this question on my path before and I will post it again here. If you were able to have a luxury to pick when you were born, what time will you choose? Me personally, I would love to be born in the 80’s or maybe late 70’s. I know it is not a really long time from now. But, maybe that is the reason why I choose the time period. Being born at 1990, I have a little bit of the 80’s era and a glimps of 90’s during my time growing up. But technically I was living in the millennium era, that was when I started to understand things a little more.

Not that I am not grateful about my teenage time listening to westlife, watching Meteor Garden for fun, and occasionally watching the WWF *that wrestling show. I have my share of going to Puncak and ate at Rindu Alam way before the period of 3 minutes photo – printing offering from the local abang – abang. I have a fun time growing up, share a great amount of time playing outside and abusing the family TV with the high technology of Sony Playstation. I have a blast growing up, I think I still stuck in that time.


Me nowadays, together with the internet, kinda trying to re-live what I called the good old days. Streaming old songs from youtube, both the original version or the hipster cover. Mostly I prefer the original one, tho. I love to watch an old school Chinese film, not as old as the drunken master, bruce lee and stuff, but more the 90’s HK movie, preferably the one using Cantonese. I always love to see the fast pace of Hong Kong, I think. That makes me want to grow in the 80’s or 90’s so I can embrace this old soul of mine.

So, to make it more specific I would love to experiencing growing up in the 80’s and 90’s era of Hong Kong!

What is yours?


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