Two Sides of Marketing

There are several types of marketing, but in the big picture I think we can divide it into two big whole, which are Sales Marketing and Marketing Communication. Both has their own characteristic, even they are under the big coupe of Marketing. Just like chocolate, that has so many variant from milk, dark, white, etc. They characteristic also complimenting each other, just like chocolate and peanut butter, they give each other more stuff to offer when they are combined.

From what I think about, the sales part of marketing is not limited on selling stuff, it also include the after sales and customer service as well. For this department the person should be the people person, someone who love to be around people, socialising and making conversations. This person also need to be assertive since they are dealing with people and need to see what is the reaction from other in a snap, and be spontaneous yet still thoughtful about what others might think.

While on the marketing communication side, things are more analytical, conceptualise, and planning the strategy for the sales people to execute. For this part, I think it is not necessarily have to be a social person, since in this department will be more analytical thinking, this one is the part for people who love stay off from the spotlight. Providing resources that can be used for the sales as an ammunition to get the target. I think the person in here should be more analytical and have a wild imagination. They also need to be able to read what the market want. It can be through research or feedback from the sales person.

From where I stand, I think people in general still look marketing as a sales only. They do not really aware about the communication side. As long as they get the targeted goals, then it is a successful marketing. Well, it is not wrong. But, i think it will be nice if we put more attention on the communication. Like, what is the brand want to say, what they want to deliver to the market. Some people says you have to go on the field to know how the market are. Again, it is not wrong, but there are new method to know that kind of things.

It is not always has to be done in the old way, there are people whom comfortable with people, and there are people who were more comfortable with analysing data. But, of course there are still some skills required to be a marketer, no matter either side you like. As a sales person you also have to be analytical and improvise if the current strategy doesn’t worked out. As a communicator, you also need to know how to dealt with people. Because if you can’t sell your method or concept to the sales people, they might not buy what you said.

So, this both side of marketing is complementing each other, and open for a different type of people, you don’t have to be a charming prince to be a marketer, you can stay behind the curtain and drive people opinion. In a simple explanation there can not be all Batman, Batman need Alfred to be able to kick some ass. Just like Tony Stark need Jarvis to help him.


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