Orenchi Ramen

Last Saturday, I gave you my heart but the very next day, you gave it away. *ditampar*

Last Saturday I went to the famous glodok. I was intended to grab a scrumptious street snack Glodok have to offer while accompanying my friend looking for a Chinese New Year songs. But oh my, I forgot that, it is almost Chinese New Year, and what you got on Glodok near Chinese New Year?

A bunch of angry Chinese trying to bargaining stuff for the very best price they can get.

So, after finding the stuff we looking for (the Chinese New Year CD’s for my friend and a bunch if electronic knick knacks for both of us), we decided to grab something to eat. At first we thought of getting something in the Gloria Alley, but nothing really appetizing, and the glorious Kopi Es Tak Kie is closed, not to mention the length of the alley is not really suitable for a man with my sizes, and make it two of us. After a long deliberation process, we decided to go look for something in Mangga Besar, but of course before we left, we have to get some snacks. I got myself 2 pieces of Uyen and 2 Sheets of Ci Cong Fan.


After this, off we go to the marvelous Mangga Besar!

a little argument on the car in which stall to eat, we decided to park the car in front of a Ramen shop called Orenchi Ramen, and give it a try. The first look on the menu, well it is pretty much the same with the other ramen shop, but this one is the Tokyo Style I think. I decided to get the signature Orenchi Ramen. When in doubt order the one that has the restaurant name on it. It most likely their killer menu. We also order a gyoza for share.



The ramen come with two choice of noodle. Thick and Thin. I decided to pick the thick one yesterday. I find the ramen was ok-ish, it has the spicy broth but that is pretty much it. Nothing give any difference with its competitor, I find the competitor is more superior instead. The Gyoza is quite tasty and juicy. But that’s it. Overall, I find this restaurant is decent enough. I don’t think this will be as big as the competitor, but who knows? Me personally? I prefer Ikkudo instead. I can get a better broth with pretty much the same price.


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