The End of an Era

People said you should quit when the time is right. Some said that, a good organisation is the one that can create a regenerations. I agree with that, but just as usual, it is easy to talk the talk, but not walk the walk. Yesterday was the induction of the new committee of my temple’s youth organisation. The first 3 period was under one chief, and she really have a great influence for all her subordinates. Well, actually it is a relief to see her pass the baton to the new chief, because she now can more focus on herself. Not that previously she didn’t, but with the baton already passed, she will have a more relax life.

The new group I find it interesting, since it was only a couple of the previous guys left and more vocal new recruit, there will be a lot of new learning experiences. At first we thought that the old chief will stay for a while and help the transition period, but things happen and she have to moved back, so we should stand on our feet a little sooner. Well, I personally knew the new chief and I am sure he will do a great job ahead, and the old guys will stick together and help the new recruits. Things will be a little rough for a while, and there will be a little more hard work for everybody. But like I quoted earlier, a good organisation is the one that keep regenerating. So it is a step toward a better future.

To quote Will McAvoy from Newsroom, ‘the ship has a hole that can not be fixed, what we have to do is to bail the water out faster than it came in.’

It is indeed the end of an era, but we have to make the new era at least has the same impact with the previous one. And make the old chief retired in ease.


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