Moment of Joy

Hey, what is your moment of joy?

Is it partying all night long? Staying late with friends and talk until dawn? A Big Sale? The moment you bite that scrumptious martabak keju?

For me, since I am not a big party goers, also I am not so much a social person, so I don’t enjoy clubs or too much crowd. I usually said my moment of joy would be a nice cup of coffee over a book or private chat with friends, I do also enjoy walking around by myself and  finding some cool places that is less hipster and less crowded. To make it simple, my moment of joy is when I am in solitary, intimate situation, preferably with food as part of it.

As a human being, I think it is a normal behaviour to create a situation that is somewhat ideal for ourself. We want to accommodate ourself so we can enjoy our life. I am not saying that is bad, it is a great move, I think. Hopefully with an ideal surrounding, we can do more stuff and be more productive. But, it also can lead to a moment where, that moment of joy turns into something that have less joy. It turn into a daily routine and lost their mojo. Maybe, usually after enjoying your moment of joy, you can done 100 tasks, but as time goes by you can only done 75 tasks, 50 tasks, and so on.

In my perspective, a moment that can be called a moment of joy is when it happen occasionally. Some sort of a rewarding gesture for oneself, to boost ourself to do better and earn that moment again. Have you wonder, when you meet with your group of friends everyday all the time, it will leave a different feeling when you didi it, once a week? I think because the event is happen less often, we try to embrace it as much when it is actually happens, and we embrace it less when the frequency is higher. I think that can explain why we tend to reminiscing the good ol’ days. Because we knew that it less likely to happens again.

For now, when people ask me about what is my moment of joy. I am speechless. I do not know what is my moment of joy anymore. Things that used to bring such joy and happens became less joyful. Things that I am longing to get it actually doesn’t feel as good as I imagine it. I don’t know, maybe this is some sort of the quarter life crisis? Is is such things called that, or I just making excuses for this confusion I have? I honestly have no clue at all. Maybe as time goes, and been through plenty different situations, my perspective of joy is changed? Or, I let my problem outgrown my sense for feeling a joy and being constantly cautious about something? It will be ideal if I can manage the suspicious about things but still able to have my sense of joy. Or I might be living within myself for too much, that my social skill were left in rust?

It might be one of it, it might be everything I wrote. But, I am in a search to finding my moment of joy one more time.


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