The Power of Words

People tend to be very easy to spot flaws. When one asked for his pro and cons, they tend to pick more cons instead of pros. Even when they manage to put something on the pros column, it usually the general stuff like ‘kind’ and stuff (see I can’t find anymore example for this). But, when they have to write cons we easily be more specific.

Some might say it is an act of being modest. People do not want to show off, so they try to be modest. Well, that is not a bad thing, but not a great thing either. We need to embrace what we got. Appreciate what we can do and able value ourself, then be confident about ourself. Scariest things are, we taught to be too humble, too modest. That we forgot how to give ourselves credits that we actually worth of. This might trigger an undervalued personnel, and create some confidence issue.

Surroundings is definitely one aspect for this kind of problem. Since we love to judge others, most of the time the judgement is a mockery instead of constructive critic. Which led to killing the confidence of the object that being judge. Another scary thing is, they don’t realise that this thing is happening. They thought it was merely a joke, and people will laugh it off. But, when the same thing being said a hundred thousand times, it might turn into a reality. The victim itself, not necessarily realise this as well. They might laugh together, but deep down they might just started to believing, what intended to be a joke at the first place.

It might turns great when the joke is a good thing, but don’t we tend to talk bad for most of the time? Not to mention, how many people talk about the issue to him, what if the one that jokes about it, is someone that he really respect? That joke will be a more deeply placed. Besides, bad things tend to be the one that stays, isn’t it? Like an old saying, you can take the nail out of the board, but you will forever see the mark left behind.

Love it or hate it, it is a real thing what they said, about your mouth being the most dangerous part of your body. Your hand might leave a physical scar, ant they will healed eventually. But not with something you said, how many of us have regrets after saying stuff? You might say you took it back, but we all know it is out there, and there is no way for us to took back anything that already come out from our mouth. You might push it, but you might have problems like Mr. Sheffield and Nanny Fine, but in the end they did what Mr. Sheffield took back anyway.

I think it is better for us to think twice before we open our mouth, since it can be something that make people, or break them.


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